Sazneo: Free Real-Time Communication with a Group or One Person

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Sazneo is a free easy-to-use messaging service that allows you to keep in constant contact with one or more people. The free application is ideal for companies with branches in other cities or countries, as staff people are able to “chat” via the instant messaging abilities of the application. Indeed firms are able to use this service both internally as well as with members at other companies.

Gone are the days of arranging times for an international telephone or video conference calls, with Sazneo, you only need to “nudge” the people you wish to speak with and send him, her or them a message. As this application makes use of all Internet browsers, there is no need to download and install software; you simply sign up from the Sazneo homepage and start “talking”.


Whether it is group discussions, one-on-one meetings, the sending of personal or company related files, images and so forth, with Sazneo you’re able to do it all. There are also other options available. All files and folders sent are arranged, by Sazneo, so that others in the meeting may see them. The sender has complete control over whether he or she will allow all or only a select few or one to see the sent files and folders.

In the case of group chats, the amount of people in the chat is unlimited and everything discussed is completely private as no outside person is able to enter the chat room without first being invited by one of the members already inside. The free chat application is also particularly handy when dealing with suppliers, partners and customers as all communication is in real time.

If, in the event, two colleagues wish to have a private chat or discussion, simply using the “nudge” option tells the other person that you’re wanting to speak with him or her.  You select “private message” from the menu, find the user’s name and send a message. This private discussion can be done without the others in the group knowing; basically it is akin to whispering during a movie.

If, you have to leave a chat half way through, you need not worry about missing out on decisions made, ideals exchanged or plans for the future. Sazneo stores real-time communications into “channels” depending on value. This means that important chats may be stored in a channel labeled “Important” whereas not so important – in the “Not so important” channel. You are then able to read the text of the meeting, you left in the middle of, in your own time.

Prior to the start of the chat, you, the user, must tell the application which “channel” to store the discussion; Sazneo stores all discussions. It is important to note, that saved data is able to be deleted by you after you deem is necessary. This “channeling” system is also handy for the training of new recruits, as they are able to eavesdrop into meetings on company policy, etc.

As mentioned above, Sazneo allows you to communicate in real time without the problem of trying to reconfigure your hardware to circumnavigate a firewall or some other intrusive security shield. Sazneo has built-in protection for you and the person or people you are contacting, thus there is no need to download extra security.

In the event you are in a Sazneo meeting with different people around the world and you wish to invite someone new into the meeting, all that you need to do is provide Sazneo with a valid business email address and that person is welcomed in securely and easily.

Sazneo’s notifier is a small program that sits in the system tray of your computer, when someone is requesting a one-on-one or a group meeting with you, this notifier will send you a message informing you that some one is waiting. Sazneo notifier also operates even if your browser is closed. Installing Sazneo notifier only takes a few seconds.

As mentioned earlier, “catching up” on discussions is simple and very convenient with Sazneo’s persistent backchat and channel system. These stored messages are also able to be exported to an external destination like an MP3 folder or portable device. You can also read our featured article on free web conferencing software.

Each person in a Sazneo meeting has complete control over his or her input. You may choose to read and stay silent, or you may choose to asks questions in order to get more information. The “nudge” option allows for any member to get a reaction from another member. “Nudge” is definitely  handy.

Each person, within the chat, has a profile which others may read at any time. This profile usually only contains professional information and nothing of a personal nature. Users are also able to add channels to their list of pre-existing channels. These channels can be either company channels (formed by the company itself) or privately added by yourself, making you the “channel leader”.

If you create your own channel, you have the option of making it invisible to others in your company. Or you may want only a few of your close colleagues to know of its existence, by clicking on the option menu you will find various methods of keeping it either a secret from the boss or only making it available to a select few. Channels are able to be closed at any time and the data exported to another destination.

Sazneo’s interface is extremely easy to use and navigate. Users do not have to have a degree in computer science to soon learn the ins and outs of the application. There is, of course, help available for the few that do have trouble. So give a try to Sazneo for group or private discussions and you will be amazed with the capabilities of this application.

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