Free Whiteboard Software To Collaborate On Skype: Idroo

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IDroo is a free whiteboard software for Windows where users can connect together using Skype and then share ideas, collaborate, conduct lessons, and more. There are lots of tools available for everything from drawing to writing mathematical formulas. Requirement to use IDroo is for you to have Skype installed, and an account setup with all the contacts with whom you want to collaborate added to your list.

Idroo free whiteboard software default window

Interface of IDroo can be seen in the image above. Top right corner is where you are gonna see the list of your Skype contacts. Skype needs to be running when you start this free online collaboration whiteboard software, otherwise it’s gonna complain that Skype’s missing. Empty area in the middle is where the whiteboard is located, where you can draw, write text or anything else that’s important for the lessons or online collaboration sessions that you’re conducting.

Key Features of this Free Whiteboard Software are:

  • Large number of participants are supported.
  • Full toolbox with brush, pen tool, shapes, text input, and so on.
  • Mathematical symbols and functions can be written on to the whiteboard.
  • Skype integration, import and add contacts from your Skype account.
  • Easily add a new whiteboard which is added as tab for easy switching.
  • Save projects for later use, when meeting needs to be continued later.

Like we already mentioned, there are numerous situations where you can use IDroo, and it’s not only supported on desktop PCs either. It can be used on Wacom tablets, where drawing comes a bit more natural. Online collaboration is the main reason for existence of IDroo. With the help of this free whiteboard software teams of all shapes and sizes can come together, work on development plans, exchange ideas, educators can conduct classes over the Internet and more. Let’s see what exactly can be done and how it looks like.

How to Collaborate Online Using IDroo?

The first thing that you have to do is click on the plus sign in the top right corner of the screen, where the Skype contact list is located.

IDroo invite participants

After you do that a new window will pop-up where you can choose which one of your Skype contacts are gonna be added to the collaboration session. Make sure that Skype is running when you’re doing this. Contacts will be added to the list, they too have to have IDroo installed of course and they will have to have you as a contact. Once all that’s set up, you can start working.

IDroo working

Of course you can do a lot more complex things, use the toolbox on the left and everything that you’re doing all of your contacts will be able to see. Audio can also be set up, everything that’s offered by Skype basically. When you’re done, close the connection or if you need to save your work to continue later, use the Save button from the top.


IDroo makes it very easy to collaborate online. Lots of useful tools are offered, and best of all everything’s free, for personal use only though. If you have a small team, or you’re not a commercial entity, try this free online whiteboard software and see how useful it is. Free download.

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