iWorkBoard: Free Workboard Application For Windows

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iWorkBoard is a free workboard application for Windows which you can use to quickly write down ideas and projects that you have in your mind. And then you can easily start working and developing what you thought of, with the help of various different tools that this free whiteboard software for Windows has to offer.

iWorkBoard default window

As you can see from the screenshot above, iWorkBoard is a very feature rich virtual work board for Windows. Left side of the interface is where you can see a List which is intended for breaking down to steps of the business idea, work project or anything else that you might have thought of. Below that you can find a Notes area where you can write down any additional information that comes to your mind. The entire middle area is where you can draw freely using the Pen tool. Right side is where you can find a Google search window and below that a Task list where important duties of yours can be written down. You may also check out NoticeBoardPro reviewed by us.

Key Features of iWorkBoard:

  • Small and lightweight doesn’t take up a lot of system resources.
  • Single window interface, no complex tab networks to go through.
  • Embedded Google search to help you develop the idea or project.
  • Notes, Tasks, and Lists for project and idea development.
  • Large board where you can present ideas, projects, solutions.
  • Save your work in project files and continue them later on.

Note that the image above is very large, that’s because iWorkBoard works in full-screen without the ability to decrease the size of the window. This is great because it allows you to be focused on what you’re doing, without being distracted. iWorkBoard can be used during presentations, where you can use it on your laptop to project and explain your ideas and plans to the people you work with. Here are few tips on how you can do that.

How to use iWorkBord: Free Virtual Workboard For Windows

Click on the placeholder text at the top and enter the title for the idea or project that you’ll be scribbling and developing using iWorkBoard. After you do that use the list on the left to list down the steps that you think are needed for the idea or project to be completed.

iWorkBoard board filled

You can see how something like this can come in handy when you’re brainstorming ideas for the next big project that you need to do. Usage during presentations is also possible, and the drawing area at the middle is very useful for this.

IWorkBoard deleted board

If you make a mistake while drawing on the board, you can use the Eraser tool, button in the middle down below, to correct it. Clear All button will delete everything and completely free up the drawing area. Click Save and you’ll be able to save your work for later. Also, read our featured post on free online Whiteboard applications.


iWorkBoard is very useful for all those who are used to developing their ideas on pieces of paper, post-its, and everything else that they find handy. Download and try this free virtual workboard.

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