Windows 10 Hidden Object Game: Hidden Object Secret Agent

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Hidden Object: Secret Agent is a free hidden object game app for Windows 10 devices. The game revolves around the task of solving a case of bank robbery. The game calls upon you to find the objects scattered in the room by recognizing them from their silhouettes shown at the top left corner of the screen. The game is very easy to learn and makes for a good download on devices running Windows 10 as it runs perfectly on both touch and non touch devices.

Hidden Object: Secret Agent is available for free from the Windows 10 App Store.Hidden Object Secret Agent Main Menu

Controls of the game

The game has easy controls where all the objects can be interacted with by right clicking on them on a non touch device or by touching them with your finger on a touch screen device.

Main features of Hidden Object: Secret Agent for Windows 10

When you run the game on your device, you will be presented with the following screen.Hidden Object Secret Agent Main MenuThe above screen is nothing but the main menu of the game where you can start playing by simply clicking on the Play button. You can also choose to tweak the sound settings by clicking on the speaker icon at the top right corner of the screen. Once you have clicked on the Play button, a brief cut scene video follows.Hidden Object Secret Agent introduction

Here, you will be introduced to the case and your job as to what you have to do for solving the case. Once the video is over, the gameplay zone will be visible to you, which is shown below.Hidden Object Secret Agent gameplayIn the gameplay area, you will be able to keep track of the timer at the top left and also the score which is right above the timer. You can see the objects which need to be located at the top left corner by means of their silhouettes. The game has a positive and negative scoring system wherein each correctly identified object when clicked on will give you 100 points, and each incorrectly identified object will take away 20 points. You can see the scores as they appear on the screen. if you are stuck somewhere, you can also utilize the Hint button which is present at the top right corner of the screen. Clicking on this will make one of the identifiable objects blink in a glowing white color.

This pretty much rounds up the main features of Hidden Object: Secret Agent game app for Windows 10 devices.

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Hidden Object: Secret Agent is a well designed game app for Windows 10 where you need to locate all the objects hidden away in plain sight. The game is a no-nonsense straight to the point hidden object game, and this is one of the parts of the game which I really like.

I rate this game a 4 out of 5.

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