Time Based 2048 Game, Track Time Spent to Complete The Game

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Here is a free online time based 2048 game, which is called as “Timed-2048“. The game is based on the original 2048, but with a simple tweak that makes playing the game more interesting: In this game, you can start the timer and check the total time spent by you to complete or play the game. There is no option to pause the timer. So, you won’t be able to do any cheating. You have to play the game continuously. Either your game will be over before making 2048 number or you will be able to complete the game. But the timer will keep running for sure.

There are some unofficial iOS, Android, and desktop client of 2048 also available, but those are just the replica of the original game. This Timed-2048 has only one special feature, which makes it stand apart from the crowd.

play time based 2048 game

In the screenshot above, you can see a timer is running while playing this time based 2048 game.

How To Play This Time Based 2048 Game?

This game is quite similar to the original game. In fact, everything is just same, except the two options. There is one New Game and one Timed Game button. Pressing the first button will start the game as normal. And pressing the second button will start the timer immediately.

use Timed Game button

Now you already know what you need to do. Play this puzzle game. Use Arrow keys (Up, Right, Left and Down) to move the tiles, merge same numbers, and score more and more. You need to complete the game by making the number ‘2048’. And you can see the time you took to do that.

However, it really doesn’t make full use of timer. For example, it doesn’t maintain a history of your times. Also, it does not have any sort of leaderboard in which you can compare your time with those of others to know how well you are actually doing. I hope they (or someone else) adds these features as well.

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The Verdict:

Instead of using a separate stopwatch or time tracker software, this game is better when you have to track how much time you took to play/complete the 2048 game. You may take the screenshot of your best time also and share with others. Just a click and the timer will start.

Try this game.

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