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FeedBeater is a free online application to create RSS feed or Email alert for any webpage. This website will help you to stay updated with news and feeds on your favorite websites. This website helps in converting every URL into feeds. Therefore, can provide alerts to you at specific intervals. At first you may not be quite accustomed to it and find low volume of alerts in your inbox. As time goes, the Feed Beater becomes stronger and helps you to be updated from specific websites that you like to get information of on a daily basis.

FeedBeater is an application which is controlled by the Diffbot Company. When you first go to the link provided for going to FeedBeater, the first thing you will notice is a big box asking you for the URL of the website from which you want to get feeds.

Once you enter the website URL and continue, you see three options. You can choose to receive RSS email alerts, feeds or make your own custom options.

When you select email notifications, you will be directed to a page to enter your email id to send alerts or feeds.

  • Once you click the subscribe button after entering your email id you will get a confirmation mail. After this your account will be set up. Once your account is set up you will be receiving feeds on your favorite websites. These feeds will be received as and when there is an update on any of the subscribed websites. So it is like a process where any new update on the website will result in FeedBeater updating you by email.
  • Now when you go to your account at Diffbot for FeedBeater, you will find that you can add more website URL’s so that you will never be short of updates. RSS feed is very important especially when you want to follow some specific website from which you need knowledge. FeedBeater is the best application to use for that.
  • In the account, you have a settings tab where you can edit and bookmark this website.

  • Here, you can also add more URL’s from websites you want to follow as well, quite similar to what we did above to add a website.

The FeedBeater alert is also available for mobile alerts. For that you need to give your mobile number where all the feeds will be sent at a specific time period depending upon the number of updates on the website.

The FeedBeater, overall is a nice way to create and receive updates from your favorite websites right in your mailbox. Go ahead and give it a try.

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