Setup RSS Alerts: How To Get Email Alerts When RSS Feed is Updated

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Here is a small tutorial that explains how to setup RSS alerts, so that you get alerts on email whenever RSS feed is updated.

I subscribe to tons of RSS feeds, and use feed readers to keep track of them. However, sometimes I want to track some feed more closely, and want to be aware as soon as it is updated. One way is to keep going back to my RSS reader to see if there is any update to the feed. However, that is not the most optimum solution. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a service which would let me setup alerts on RSS feed of my choice, so that whenever the feed is updated, I get an email alert.

So, I started looking for such a service today, and guess what I ended up finding: Yahoo Alerts.

Yahoo Alerts Logo

Yahoo Alerts is a free service from Yahoo that lets you setup alerts for a lot of things: keywords, local news, sports, stocks, weather, etc. However, we are interested only in getting alerts for RSS feed, and luckily for us, Yahoo Alerts provides that.

How to Setup Alerts for RSS Feed:

  1. To setup alert for RSS feed, go to Yahoo Alerts, and sign in to your Yahoo Account.
  2. Click on Feed / Blog option.
  3. On next page, you can provide feed address of the RSS feed for which you want to create RSS alert.Yahoo Alerts
  4. Then choose the frequency.
  5. In the bottom section, you can choose how the alerts should be delivered: email, Yahoo Messenger, or Mobile. You can choose from your existing Yahoo email, or even provide any other email address ( I tried with Gmail account, and it worked).
  6. Just click on “Save Alert”.

That’s it. Now you have successfully created Email alert for RSS feed. Also check out Klipfolio Dashboard, and how to setup feed for Yahoo mail.

Ironically, I have been using Google alerts since quite a long time, and thought they are the best out there. However, I stumbled across Yahoo alerts only while searching for this RSS alerts feature, and have to say that Yahoo Alerts are much better than Google Alerts. Yahoo has lot of neat functionalities out there; it just needs to market them better.

Let me know if you are aware of any other service that lets you setup similar RSS alerts.

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