Free Magnifier App for Android to Magnify Objects: Magnificient Magnifier

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Magnificent Magnifier H.D. is a free Android app developed by C.P.S. that allows you to see magnified version of the object in front of you. It makes use of the phone camera and its zoom and macro settings to act as a handheld magnifier. This app uses very little system resources and gives a crisp quality of magnified things like text, tiny objects, etc. It also offers an additional capture button, so you can take pictures of magnified objects using that button. If the Android device has an LED light (flash), then that can be used to illuminate the object to be magnified, and this feature comes in handy when you are in a dark room.

Magnificent Magnifier is available for free from the Google Play store.

Magnificent Magnifier

Features of this Magnifier App for Android:

  • The user interface is pretty straightforward. Once you launch the app, you will see the basic controls at the bottom. The bulb icon turns the LED Flash on/off. The small yellow scrollbar controls the magnification amount, the button with the picture of Mona Lisa adjusts the focus, and the button with camera image on it takes a picture of the magnified object.
  • When you click on the Options softkey on your Android device, you will see the following menu pop up (see screenshot below).
    Magnifier Options

In the above screenshot,

Language: Controls the language settings.

Sound: Allows you to turn the sound effects on/off.

Move Controls: Clicking this button will move the controls menu to the top (i.e., it will move Led button, zoom scrollbar, camera button, focus button to the top.)

More apps: Takes you to the Google Play Stare and shows you more apps by this developer.

More: Opens more settings, where you can Share, click About (view the app information) or Exit the app.

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What I like about this Magnifier app for Android?

  • Easy to understand and use.
  • Fairly clear magnification by automatically making use of combinations of digital zoom and different Macro modes.
  • Allows you to capture images of magnified objects.
  • Comes in handy for reading very small text.
  • No ads.

What I don’t like about this app?

  • The app’s icon is a bit less appealing.
  • The controls could have been more polished.

The Verdict?

Magnificent Magnifier H.D. is an amazing application that really comes in handy whenever you have to magnify different objects or take photos of magnified objects. Although the user interface is a little less polished and the app’s icon is a bit less appealing to the eye, it is still a must have app on any Android device as it consumes very less resources and magnifies the objects fairly well, allowing an added option to take images of the magnified object as well. For a free app, it performs amazingly well.

Grab it by clicking here.

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