Android App To Take Selfies In Low Light: illuMEnate

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illuMEnate is a free Android app to take selfies and shoot videos using front camera in low light. It is a simple and effective way to take bright selfies and shoot videos using your phone’s front camera. Actually, it uses your device screen as a flash to make your selfies and videos look brighter and beautiful. You can shoot videos with good quality and sound using the front facing camera. Unlike, other Android camera apps, it provides a default photo editor, to edit your photos right in the app. The photo editor offers various filters, frames, effects, and other photo editing tools to make your selfies look astonishing. No more capturing dark selfies or videos using the front camera, as you can use this app to take brighter selfies and videos. In addition to that, you can also share photos and videos directly from the app to your friends.

The following screenshot shows the app interface with different options.

app interface

“illuMEnate” comes with tons of incredible photo editing tools, like you can draw and add text, amazing filters, color splash, sharpen and blur tool, and much more. To make your photos look perfect, you can add various frames and stickers available in the photo editor. Taking selfies in low light and editing them with tons of tools have never been easier.

Let us see how to use “illuMEnate” to take selfies, shoot videos, and edit photos with various tools.

How to Take Selfies, Shoot Videos, and Edit Photos using “illuMEnate”:

You can download this cool app from the Google Play Store or from the link provided at the end of this post.

Take a selfie:

You can take a selfie, simply by opening up the app and tapping the big round button at the bottom of the screen. While taking a selfie, you can use the default illuminate option to make the selfie much brighter. It also lets you set a timer (either for 3 seconds or 6 seconds) for taking selfies. According to the low light situations, you can change the device screen (the area outside the selfie frame) into five different colors to get a perfect selfie. The following screenshot shows the selfie frame when you select the illuminate option and change the device screen color.

take a selfie

Shoot a video:

You can toggle the video recorder by tapping the camera icon at the left bottom of the screen as shown in the first screenshot. To shoot a video, you can simply tap the big round button at the bottom after toggling the front camera as a video recorder. Similar to the steps of taking a selfie, you can select the illuminate option, change screen color, and set a timer for shooting a video. The following screenshot shows how to shoot a video with different options.

shoot a video

Start editing a selfie with various tools:

As soon as you take a selfie, you can open up the editor with tons of amazing photo editing tools. You can enhance the selfie with hi-definition, illuminate, and color fix effects. It offers various filters, like Clyde, Avenue, Haas, Dean, Keylime, Broadwalk, and much more. To make your selfie look perfect, you can add different frames, overlays, and stickers to it. You can easily crop, change orientation, add Vignette, change focus, lighting, colors, and sharpness of a selfie. In addition to that, you can also draw and add text to a selfie and most importantly it lets you whiten teeth and remove red-eyes. The following screenshot shows a selfie edited using “illuMEnate” default photo editor.

edited selfie

After you’re done with playing around and creating an astonishing selfie or a video, simply share it with your friends via email, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc.

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My Final Verdict:

illuMEnate is quite an interesting camera app for Android to take selfies and shoot videos in low-light situations. It comes with a built-in photo editor with tons of editing tools, like various filters, effects, drawing tool, red-eye remover, teeth whiten tool, and much more. You can use these editing tools to create a beautiful selfie and then share it with your friends directly from the app.

Try the app from the link here.

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