RoboTask Lite: Free Task Automation Software For Windows

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RoboTask Lite is a free task automation software for Windows which you can use in order to automate various different system tasks like file deletions, applications can be started or processes terminated, without you being there, automatically. Macros can even be recorded, and there are lots of different triggering events available which can trigger the tasks which you’ve decided to schedule and automate.

RoboTask Lite free task automation software default window

In the image above you can see the default interface of this free task automation software for Windows. It’s very simple, at the top of the window you can see a classic menu, beneath that you have empty area where the tasks which you’ve decided to schedule will go. All the way at the bottom you have a small status window, where you will find reports on the automated tasks.

Key Features of this Task Automation Software:

  • Free and very simple to set up task scheduler, task triggering also.
  • Run applications or terminate processes automatically.
  • Manage files and folders, you can move, rename, delete, copy, open, etc.
  • Automated archive extraction and/or creation.
  • Total of 81 system areas can be affected with 64 different tasks.

What we mentioned in the feature list above is only a small part of what RoboTask Lite has to offer. Next to the free version, which is the one that we are talking about over here, there is also a paid version also which offers even more options for setting up system tasks and changing settings via various different triggers. Let’s see just how task scheduling with this free task automation software works.

How to Automate Tasks and Start Them with Various Triggers using RoboTask Lite?

Click on the plus sign in the top left corner or select Task >> New. This will open up the Add task window where you can set up your task by giving it a name and then selecting action what will happen once this task starts being executed.

RoboTask Lite adding task

We decided to run an application, so we selected the Run program/Open document option. There are over 60 more to choose from, divided into 11 categories. We selected the application that we want to run in another window that poped-up and after that we switched to the Triggers tab.

RoboTask Lite setting trigger

Now we’re gonna setup so that a hotkey activates the previously selected application. Another window will pop-up where you can enter the key combo and then again click OK. This will save the task and you’re done. Now all that’s left is for you is to leave the application running in the system tray and the next time that someone hits the trigger hotkey, selected application will start.


RobotTask Lite is a very feature rich task automation software which offers a lot of different ways of how you can control your PC by scheduling dozens of different actions. It’s great for professionals who need to automate tasks, but also for people who would just like to scare their friends by starting applications at random, moving files, and so on. Download this task automation software for free. Also, check out some free software to schedule computer start up and Shutdown.

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