5 Medical Dictionary Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 medical dictionary apps for Android which you can use to find info on terms and expressions used by doctors. Reading our medical history, we sometimes get curious and would like to know more what exactly the meaning behind all the unfamiliar words found there is. Most common words used in medicine, along with their meaning, can be found in the medical dictionary apps from the list down below. They can be used not only by inquisitive patients, but also by MDs in training to learn and practice their medical vocabulary during medical school.

Let’s look at these apps below.

Medical & Drug Dictionary

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Medical & Drug Dictionary isn’t just a medical dictionary app. It also has a database of medications, so it can also be used to look up what kind medical conditions a certain drug can help you with.

After running the app, the first thing that you’ll be seeing is a search input box. Type in the medical expression or the name of a drug you’re not familiar with and the app will almost instantly display all the important information about the term that you searched for. Note that an active Internet connection is required so that online resources can be accessed.

Get Medical & Drug Dictionary.

Diseases Dictionary ✪ Medical

medical dictionary apps android 2

Diseases Dictionary is a medical dictionary app devoted entirely to medical conditions. It has a long list of all the major disorders and diseases with ample amount of information. You get definition of the disease, its symptoms, causes and of course treatment information is also available.

Find tool, helps you find the medical conditions that you’re looking for more easily. List of all the available conditions can be found in alphabetical order underneath the find tool. When you select a certain illness make sure to scroll down to go through all the available information.

Get Diseases Dictionary ✪ Medical.

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Medical Dictionary by Qualex

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One thing that sets Medical Dictionary by Qualex apart from all the other medical dictionary apps that I covered up until now is that it works offline, without an Internet connection.

First thing that you’re gonna see after running the app is a find tool with a list of available medical terms grouped alphabetically underneath it. To find the medical term that you’re looking for you can use either the find tool or you can browse the list. Medical term info includes definitions, descriptions, causes, symptoms (in case of disease) and there’s also a category for remedies.

Get Medical Dictionary.

Drugs Dictionary Offline: FREE

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Drugs Dictionary Offline is a medical dictionary app with a focus on drugs and also with a focus on being able to work offline.

Here you’re again greeted with a list of find tool underneath which there’s a list of medications. App has all the important info on drugs in its database, basic information, uses, how to take the medication, possible complications and more.

Get Drugs Dictionary Offline: FREE.

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Medical Dictionary by Sky Technosys

medical dictionary apps android 5

Medical Dictionary by Sky Technosys is another simplistic medical dictionary app where you get a find tool and a list of medical expressions.

Use either the search tool or scroll through the list to find the medical expression that you’re looking for. Small drawback of Medical Dictionary by Sky Technosys is that it only gives the basic definition of the expression, and nothing else and there’s also lots of ads.

Get Medical Dictionary by Sky Technosys.


All the medical dictionary apps mentioned on the list above have their advantages. I like Medical & Drug Dictionary because it accesses the web in order to find the information that you’re looking for. Make sure that you also install Medical Dictionary by Squalex. Leave a comment down below and tell me which app you think is the best.

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