5 Free Weight Gain Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 weight gain apps for Android which you can use to keep track of your weight when you’re trying to bulk up. These apps will also help you out by giving you advice on what to eat so that you start gaining weight, the right way, the healthy way. Everyone can gain weight, that’s easy, but what’s not easy is to gain weight where it matters, in muscle mass. That’s what these apps can help you out with.

Gaining Weight Diet

Gaining Weight Diet is a weight gain app which will give you day by day advice on which foods you need to eat in order to start gaining weight.

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When you run the app for the first time you’ll need to select a date when you’d like to start eating according to apps schedule. Once you do that, you’ll be given day by day schedule with meal recipes on what kind of foods you’d like to eat.

Get Gaining Weight Diet.

Weight Track Assistant

Weight Track Assistant will help you keep track of weight that you’ve put up, and it will also give you advice of its own.

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To start using this weight gain app, you need to setup your starting weight, the goal weight, time in which you hope to gain this new weight and then you’ll be given an analysis of your plans, starting with your current BMI (body mass index). There are detailed graphs, weight tracking, and more. App requires you to take morning, noon, and evening measurements.

Get Weight Track Assistant.

Also have a look at Free Fitness App for Android to Track Exercises, Gain Points or Badges.

Gain Weight Fast

Gain Weight Fast is a mash up app where lots of different information about gaining weight can be found.

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This app is a mash up app in the sense that it just consists of text and links to lots of useful information about gaining weight published by other people. This can be links to videos, articles, e-books, see image above. In some categories, app itself offers an article or two with useful weight gaining info.

Get Gain Weight Fast.

How to Gain Weight

How to Gain Weight is another weight gain app that focuses on giving collecting and giving advice and access to information published by other people.

weight gain apps for Android 4

You’ll get everything there is to know about gaining weight, training, recipes for eating right and guides that can help you achieve your goals more easily.

Get How to Gain Weight.

Also have a look at Calorie Calculator: Weight Gain/Loss Planning Calculator.

Gain Weight Guide

Gain Weight Guide itself comes packed with texts and step by step instructions on what needs to be done in order to start gaining weight.

weight gain apps for Android 5

Gain Weight Guide has a bit more attractive interface, info and all the different categories are divided into tabs. Each important aspect of gaining weight is covered by Gain Weight Guide. Perhaps not in a lot of details, but everything important to help you get started is gonna be available there.

Get Gain Weight Guide.


I would suggest that you install three apps from the 5 mentioned above. Gaining Weight Diet, Gain Weight Guide and then Weight Track Assistant to help you keep track of all the weight that you’ll be gaining.

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