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Weight Gain/Loss Planning Calculator is a free weight loss calculator that enables you to calculate the amount of calories you need to reduce from your daily intake in order to lose weight.

This free calorie calculator is extremely simple to use. All you have to do is input your age, height, weight, daily activity level, also input the amount of weight you wish to lose, how long it should take to lose it and Click on “Calculate”.


Weight Gain/Loss Planning Calculator will quickly display the results. This excellent calories calculator generally calculates three things: the number of calories you need to consume to maintain your current weight, the number of calories you would be required to reduce in your daily calories intake to reach your goal, and the number of calories you would have to consume each day to reach your goal weight by the date you have created.


Another interesting feature that Weight Gain/Loss Planning Calculator turns up with is that if you input excess amount of weight which is to be reduced in comparatively, lesser number of days, this calorie intake calculator will come up with a strict warning. You can take a look at a screenshot in order to understand it in a better way:


This calorie counter calculator is available in various forms like:

  • Free Online Application: Simply switch onto the website linked below and start using. No registration and no account creation required.
  • Windows Software: Quickly download it.
  • Google Chrome Extension: Quickly install the calories calculator as a Chrome Extension.
  • PHP Script for Webmasters: You will be able to download a Zip-File, hence “Extract All” in order to unzip it, quickly run the extracted file: .exe and install it.
  • WordPress Plugin: Download the Plugin and start using.

However, I will give you detailed instructions for how to get it on Windows since I used the Windows version. In order to get started with this calories calculator, you need to give a couple of seconds to its download.

How To Download Calories Calculator for Windows:

  • Go onto the below linked website
  • Scroll down, under the “Windows Software” column, Click on “Download Windows Version”
  • Double-Click on the downloaded icon in order to run the tool
  • Click on “Run”
  • The installer will automatically install the calorie counter calculator as you follow-up the instructions. is your calorie calculator. Start determining your required daily calories intake. In addition, to check how much weight has been lost you can check out Free Weight Loss Tracking Websites reviewed by us. Multiple Choices confuses you? No worry…Check out another online weight loss tracker reviewed by us.

In my opinion, only reducing calorie intake can never help us losing our weight. It is highly important to do some workout and for that one needs to make an exercise routine. Check out some Websites To Make Exercise Schedule.

In short, Weight Gain/Loss Planning Calculator is a good utility weight loss calculator which helps you to remain fit and healthy throughout the year. Go ahead and Download, add as an extension or plugin calorie loss calculator free!!

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