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Sharest is free p2p file sharing client based on Limewire and further developed to enhance your file sharing speed and better overall performance. It makes file sharing very easy and simple. Since Sharest uses multi platform Gnutella p2p protocol, you get connected with large number of peers and hence, better searching abilities and faster download speeds. This free p2p download tool is designed for easy p2p downloading and better connectivity offering you wholesome package for fast and reliable P2P file sharing application. Other free p2p file sharing software that we reviewed earlier include Cabos P2p, and Shareaza.

This p2p utility allows you to make advanced search for audio files with separate parameters for title, genre, tracks, year, length and bitrates. Also find other files format with greater accuracy, from other p2p networks and extend your searching capabilities to larger networks. Further, it supports Java and thus compatible with Windows. Sharest p2p client is offered free of cost and its completely safe to download since it is  free from any malware or adware.


Key features of Sharest:

  • Integrated Bittorrent Support to provide larger file sharing base;
  • Download from multiple hosts;
  • Offers ‘Share with friends’ option, to share your favorite files with your friends added in your network;
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux ;
  • Extended System Tray Notifications;
  • TLS (Transport Layer Security) Support, to protect your connections from external threat;
  • Includes Mojito DHT (Distributed Hash Table) Support;
  • Advanced security features;
  • Includes enhanced control over the shared folders;
  • Includes UPnP and proxy support;
  • Enables Firewall to Firewall Transfers;
  • Offers better network connections;
  • iTunes support added.

Sharest has intuitive interface, having structured layout. It has integrated two search bars and two side bars which makes whole interface well organized.

  • First search bars is for global search. This is external search bar, enables you to search whole Gnutella network for p2p users trading over it, for your file or narrow your search to your friends or to your own library. This search bar is for multi use.
  • Second search bar is centric search bar which facilitates to search for files in your library.
  • The sidebars on the left give users three options for search- your library, global network and your friends.
  • The sidebars on the interface have somewhat same functions.

The application offers complete set of p2p tools for auto connect, advanced searching facility, library management, browse host, connection control, upload throttling and many more which makes this application attractive and handy for every users, whether beginners or experienced.

Also an advanced feature is offered by Sharest is, that you can monitor the incoming searches from other peers of the network and keep track of the files that are being uploaded from you. While using a P2P client, you can protect your privacy with p2p protection software, and PeerBlock.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 2 Average: 5]
Works With: Windows
Free/Paid: Free

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