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ZapShares is a piece of software that provides free protection for P2P users. The copyright infringement aspect of P2P file sharing arises due to the fact that torrent client automatically starts uploading files as well as downloading them. As soon as you start to share these files with others, you are breaking the law.

This software providing free protection for P2P users stops the files automatically uploading, putting the torrent files in a Secure Vault. This way, ZapShares claims, you will not be liable to lawsuits from copyright owners.

Protection in Many Ways

As well as protecting you using its Secure Vault, this free protection for P2P users scans your computer for malicious objects and other security threats caused by P2P downloading. These threats can then be removed from your computer immediately before any severe damage can be done.

ZapShares also scans to ensure that there is no way you or any other user of your network could accidentally share any files. ZapShares works with most of the free P2P clients, including: Limewire, Frostwire, Vuze, uTorrent, BitTorrent, and Shareaza.


ZapShares is a strange piece of software, relating to an issue that is not taken on by many other software manufacturers. The free protection for P2P users is useful in that it avoids threats damaging your computer and can stop you unknowingly infringing copyright law.

But, at the end of the day, if you do not want to fall foul of infringing copyright law, then the best practice is simply not to download the copyrighted files from the internet using P2P sharing.

It’s that simple.

Disclaimer: This website does not condone the downloading of copyrighted content using P2P file sharing and all claims of legal right in this article are those of ZapShares and not of this website.

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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000
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