PayMaster – Free Accounting Software for Linux

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PayMaster is free accounting software developed in Linux to satisfy concerns regarding allowances paid to employees and workers. The free payroll software is loaded with calculating and reporting features to make it easy for you to manage payroll. Wage payments, various allowances, incentive payments and many others are handled by PayMaster. The free accounting tool satisfies the diverse requirements of your payroll system in order to make business accounting easy.

Other free accounting software includes Lazy8Ledger, BS1 Accounting and Adminsoft Freeware.

PayMaster runs on Gnome under Linux and uses Postgresql for its database to store all the information that helps you manage payroll. Your payroll records are sheltered in database to keep them safe and secure for you. The database can be connected to LAN, WAN and even to the internet to access your payroll records on real time basis in order to make business accounting easy.

Whether you pay your employee hourly, weekly, fortnightly or monthly all the calculations are handled by PayMaster. Every time, a batch is created by the free payroll software, for the period payments as and when they become due.

PayMaster is beautifully interfaced with simplicity and ease of use at the heart of this free accounting software. You can maintain employee’s details in the database and posting and retrieval is very simple with such kind of interface, which helps to make business accounting easy.

You can also append records in the database of the employees to manage payroll. Another window allows you enter details of the employee’s contract and their pay rates. These details are used by the free payroll software to calculate payroll. You can also view pay history of an employee along with narrations to describe the kind of pay hike it was. All pay changes are recorded by the database to enable you to review the pay scales.

PayMaster also works in batches to make business accounting easy. The batch as a whole can be transferred and you can also view default payment made by the free accounting tool to individual employee in the batch. PayMaster can also do month end processing for you and also generates reports of the costing occurred in the wage payments and allowances paid to the workers.

The reporting feature is just apt for the organization in PayMaster. Difficult tax payments are also handled by PayMaster leaving you at ease. You can maintain various department accounts and also branch wise accounts to centralize your cost accounting system. A customized back-end helps you to perform payroll tasks to suit more as per your needs and make business accounting easy.

Other free accounting software with the facility to manage payroll includes NolaPro and Simply Accounting First Step.

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