Free Calendly Alternative with Unlimited Links. Calendars, Zoom Integration

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zcal is a free scheduling tool and an amazing alternative Calendly. You can use it to create personalized meeting pages where people can book meetings for you. It supports Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams integration, and can check for conflicts by reading your configured calendars. You can create unlimited scheduling pages for you for different type of booking and meetings absolutely free.

The invitation pages that you create can be fully customized, and you can even add a 15-second greeting video there as well. It supports Unsplash integration and you can pick any photo from there as your invitation page cover. The other people don’t have to sign up to zcal in order to book meetings. The invitation pages ask for the name and email of the person by default, but you can also add custom questions there that they will have to answer in order to book a call/meeting.

zcal automatically detects your timezone when you connect your Google account. In the beginning, you can specify your active days and hours and then it will make the scheduling easy for you. With multiple calendar integration, you can simply have all your meetings and calls logged for your favorite meeting platform or app.

Calendly Alternative with Unlimited Links. Calendars, Zoom Integration

Free Calendly Alternative with Unlimited Links. Calendars, Zoom Integration

You start by creating a free zcal account. In the beginning, you specify all your details such as name,  company, bio, and social links. In addition, you also have to specify availability days and hours. This is basic information about you and it will be available on all the invitation pages that you create.

zcal signup

After you reach the main profile, you can see there are some most common type of invitation pages are already there. You are free to add more using the “New Link” option.

zcal ui

In the profile settings, you can configure your integrations. If you want, then you can create contacts, integrate calendars, and even meeting platforms. For now, it supports Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom out of the box.

zcal intgrations

Now, come back to the home and create your first invitation page. Click on New Link option and in the beginning, you specify invite type. Right now it supports 1-on-1, group invite, and meeting pole. Proceed with the wizard like interface to create it. You can customize the page by adding a custom background image and a greeting video. If you want, then you can also customize the invite page link from here.

zcal start

On the next page, you specify the time slot and event duration. Along with that, you can set availability status and opt to prevent double booking.

zcal invitation settings

Finally, specify the event name, notice period(useful to set if you hate last minute calls), and time zone. This is the final step and from here, you can also see the final preview of the invitation page that will be created for you. It will give you a link along with embed code. You can send that invite link anywhere and even use that in your email signature.

zcal notice

This way, you can create unlimited such invitation pages and share them. Or, you can simply embed them on your business website as well. There are multiple ways to share your availability, for example, you can just copy-paste your available times with text that looks like it was manually hand-typed.

Final thoughts:

I must say that zcal is the best alternative to Calendly that you try. It is even better in some aspects than Calendly, and it is safe to say that you can ditch it. Best part is that right now it has only free plan where you get a lot of customization features. I liked the fact that you can create a greeting video along with multiple type of invitation pages.

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