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Comemories is a free web-based photo gallery application that allows you to upload your photos and other images to the program’s website. Once in the website, friends or family anywhere in the world are able to view or add photos to this online photo album. If, in the event you have pictures of a recent wedding and a friend in a different state, country or town has his or her own pictures from the same wedding, both of you can use Comemories website to view each others ‘albums’. The program lets you create an “album” that anyone is able to add more pictures to.

What we really liked about Comemories is the ease of use. It does not prompts you for registration or anything. To create a new album, you only need to enter an album name and click on the “Create Gallery” button.. After that, you can just drag and drop photos from your computer to your album page, and CoMemories will start uploading them. It does not installs anything on your computer for that.

As I mentioned above, Comemories does not requires any registration, but it does gives you option to connect with your Facebook account, and then it is able to retain your albums for a longer period of time.


Having this option is handy, but until some sort of password protection system is employed, it is advisable to only inform close friends and family of this option. Heaven forbid being inundated with photos from sources you don’t know.

Some other online photo album websites we reviewed earlier include Dropico, GalleryHosted, and Visual Lightbox.

The virtual photo album is obviously the future of web-based photo albums and is based on idea of cloud applications. Once all security problems have been corrected, Comemories will be a program in much demand as friends and family will be able to download entire albums from the link. At this present time, anyone is able to do this.

This free photo album software also lets you share albums on Twitter, My Space, the aforementioned Facebook, Google, Windows Live and so forth. Try Comemories free.

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