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Dropico is a free Photo management software that helps the user in organizing digital photographs and images with the help of the tools and features that it provides. Dropico is also a free photo editing software that allows you switch between such social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and edit pictures online with ease. The best part is that this photo management utility works completely online, and you do not need to download or install anything to use it.

According to the designers and engineers of this amazingly easy to use freeware, the moment you begin using Dropico, you’ll be a pro as all functions are perform from a very easy to use and understandable interface. It is, without a doubt, Dropico’s drag and drop function that puts it far ahead of other photo editing applications available today. Although this function is not unique to this freeware, it is however able to be used far more often; it appears every action taken uses the drag and drop option.


Some of the remarkable features of Dropico, the free photo management service are:

Manage albums on Different Networks:

Nowadays the user has photos uploaded to various social networking sites and online album storage facilities. Usually the photos are uploaded on sites like Flickr, Facebook, Photobucket, Picasa, Orkut etc.,where the user intends to share his photographs with friends and relatives online. Managing all these photo collections stored across various networks becomes extremely difficult. Dropico allows the user to organize and manage all these photo collections from one place regardless of the network in which the collection is stored. Also the user can organize photos stored on different storage devices like external Hard drives etc.

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Photo tagging and comments

Photo tagging is another one of the many features of Dropico. Dropico allows the user to tag people in the photos by adding title and names, and add descriptions and comments to the photos in an album effortlessly. This would be of great help to the users when they want to search for particular photos in the collection. If you have a photo album in a social network site similar to Facebook and so on, Dropico allows you to edit your photos within the social network domain – provided, of course, you have your own account.

Organizing and Backup

Dropico allows the user to upload the personal digital photographs and assorted images to various online albums and organize them according to genre or the occasion during which the photographs were taken. All the photos of the user’s prized photo collection can be grouped and saved as an archive online. Therefore the user need not worry about backing up the photos which is usually a tedious task without an Album management software like Dropico. The photo backup feature ensures that you pictures will never be lost or accidentally deleted ever again. Even if you buy a new computer, Dropico will have all the photos you upload to it, safe and ready to be used at any time.

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Sharing Photos

The sharing of your personal photos is also an option and is able to be performed easily, once again, with the drag and drop function. Sharing photos becomes easy with the features of Dropico. The user can share his personal photos with friends and relatives simply by a ‘drag and drop’. The albums on different networks and devices are displayed on different Window panes . The user just has to drag a photo from one window and drop it into the other (Corresponding to the network / album to which the photo is to be sent) window. All this can be done in seconds, thanks to the highly intuitive interface.  Dropico allows users is allowed to maintain a contact list of friends and relatives with whom he intends to share the photos. The contact list usually includes all those friends on a mailing list or the friends list in a social networking site.

Responsive Interface

The Graphical User Interface is highly responsive and user- friendly. The user can group photos into various albums by the simple ‘Drag and Drop’ mechanism. This facilitates easy transfer of photos from one place to another, between various albums and collections.

Editing Photos

The user can also edit photos online and save them as such in their albums. This eliminates the need to download the photos from the albums onto the computers, editing them and again uploading them back onto the albums. An array of editing tools with custom options are available on the ‘Features and Effects Editor’ for editing the photos.

Mobile Device compatibility

This simple-to-use free application is not limited to your home or work computer, indeed installing the program on your mobile device will ensure that you are able to send, receive and edit photos no matter where you are. The user can also install Dropico on the mobile device and use them to organize and transfer files into different albums. The photos on the mobile device can be seamlessly transferred to the Dropico account, again by simple dragging and dropping. Thus photos on mobile devices can also be transferred to be stored on various networks and secondary storage devices.

Effectively, Dropico is a

  • Service that provides Cross platform media sharing across various networks and devices.
  • An efficient backup option for all the personal photos and albums online.
  • A modular platform to organize photo albums allowing the user to choose features at different steps.
  • Service that enables user to integrate with other applications and provides a profile system based user privilege depending upon the data usage.

All these makes Dropico , a one-stop solution for Photo-collection management.  It is clear that this free, easy to use application is the perfect tool for people who are, seemingly forever, editing and posting photos. Indeed in business or pleasure, free Dropico is a tool to have.

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