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Doolphy is a free project management software that allows the user to plan, estimate and manage the company project and its related activities, all from a single place. The user can plan the major tasks, check them for completion, and control them with this free online task management tool.

Also, when the project involves the team members working from different locations, communication becomes extremely important. All the members of the project have to be informed about the deadlines for completion of a module/specific activities. So, the process of development must be continuously monitored and controlled. This is where an Doolphy comes in handy.


Doolphy allows the user to monitor each of the team member’s activities, their progress in the completion of a task etc., Further when the users are able to mention the amount of time spent in completion of different tasks, the project manager can get an idea of the number of work hours required for the completion.

And with all this, the user can always be prepared for an unexpected change.  The user just has to sign up for this service to experience all this for himself. The free plan can be used by unlimited users but you can handle only 1 project with it. You will get 100MB storage for storing the project related documents with free plan. For more projects / storage space, you can choose paid plans.

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  • High degree of planning, monitoring and optimization: The manager can check the deviation between the actual level of completion with the planned level. The effort levels can also be compared. When the user can enter the number of hours spent on completing a phase of the project, it will be easier to estimate the total effort required for completion.
  • In-depth financial analysis: The user is able to calculate the total costs incurred for various individual activities. Further the subsistence allowances, unexpected costs etc., can also be calculated, thus providing the project manager with enough financial insight regarding the development of the project.  Gantt charts, Line and Bar graphs can also be included for an effective financial analysis and a better understanding of the requirements. Facilities to generate Financial charts, reports etc., are also be available.
  • Improved communication: Doolphy supports a  highly collaborative environment, facilitating seamless communication between the project members. The users can share the information, files and documents between them. Further discussion boards, chat rooms to have online brainstorming sessions are to be added in the coming versions.
  • High security: Daily backups and explicit definition of  roles and permissions for each of the project members makes this a highly foolproof software to use.

With such a dynamic environment and an intuitive user interface,  the usually tedious task of managing a project  becomes extremely easy with Doolphy

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