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DeskAway is a free online project collaboration software that lets you collaborate on projects online with your team. You can create projects online, create tasks in that, assign tasks to team members, track progress of tasks, share files, have group communication, and much.

Deskaway is completely free for 1 project with up to 3 people working on that project. For more projects or people, you can go for paid version of Deskaway that starts for $25 per month.

I had recently published an article about 10 Free online project management software. In that article, I got a comment from a reader who mentioned about Deskaway. So, I decided to check it out, and really liked what I see.


Deskaway is a completely online project collaboration software, that is hosted on Deskaway’s servers. You do not need to download or install anything to use it. You can directly access it from a browser from anywhere. And all your data is stored securely on Deskaway’s servers (and if you decide to move out of Deskaway at any time, you can take an export of all your data).

You might have noticed that I have been referring to Deskaway as project collaboration software, instead of project management software. That is because I truly believe Deskaway is ideal for project collaboration. Instead of just managing a project, it provides effective tools to easily collaborate on projects. And it is ideal irrespective of the fact if the teams are located geographically together, or far away. If I try to relate this software to the project work I do in my daily life, I realize how productively I can manage my projects if I start using this.

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I am sure I can go on and on about praising this amazing project collaboration software. But let me quickly summarize the features of Deskaway.

Here are some of the features of Deskaway:

  • Easily create projects, and tasks under projcts.
  • Assign tasks to any team members.
  • Track status of all the tasks and projects at any time from your online dashboard.
  • Nothing to download or install.
  • Get real-time project updates via RSS
  • Set goals and deadlines within each project, and track them.
  • Setup recurring tasks that get automatically created. Ideals for things like weekly status reports, or regular data load type of activities.
  • You can clone tasks to create similar tasks in same, or even different projects.
  • View tasks on a calendar to easily keep a track of upcoming tasks
  • One of my favorite feature: track issues in a project. You can log an issue, and then track it to resolution.
  • Track time spent on project by each team member
  • You can share project files, so that everyone has access to same files. You can even maintain different versions of files, and add comments to files.
  • It also provides a discussion forum, as well as project wiki
  • You can also reply to project comments via your email, and they would be logged in Deskaway.
  • It also provides option of shared address book, and shared calendar.
  • It comes with both full fledged blogging feature, as well as micro-blogging feature for quick status updates.
  • Apart from this, it provides all sort of reports that can also be exported to CSV format.

Deskaway is really one of the best project collaboration software. I normally do not recommend paid versions of software, but I would make an exception in this case. If you have a bigger team, do try out free trial of Deskaway.  The productivity gain that you would achieve would more than pay for itself.

Try Deskaway free.

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