5 Uninstaller Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 uninstaller apps for Android with the help of which you can manage installed applications on your Android powered devices. Keeping track of installed apps and managing them can be done using the so called Apps menu that’s built into Android settings, but if you’re interested in something a little bit more advanced, with more advanced functionalities you’re gonna have to install one of the following apps.

Let’s have a look at these apps in details and see how they help in managing installed apps.

Uninstaller by Rhythm

uninstaller apps android 1

Uninstaller is very small in size, so it’s great for devices which don’t have a lot of storage space left.

There’s a few advantages that it has over the default uninstaller app that’s offered by Android. For example it comes with a find tool for quickly finding the app that you would like to uninstall (no more scrolling). It also supports uninstallation of several apps at once.

Get Uninstaller by Rhythm.

Uninstaller by AVG

uninstaller apps android 2

This uninstaller app has been released by AVG, creator of the famous antivirus software. If nothing else, you can rest assured knowing that the app is safe to use.

What exactly does it have to offer? Well next to being able to uninstall multiple apps at once, you can also use it to get recommendations on what to delete. It uses its own “app advisor” which compares apps from your system against a list of safe apps maintained by AVG. If by some chance you have an app that’s not safe, you’ll know about it and you’ll be able to delete it safely from your system.

Get Uninstaller by AVG or read more.

Root Uninstaller

uninstaller apps android 3

Do you have stock apps that you’d like to try and remove but because they are protected you can’t, system won’t allow it?

Now you can try and remove them easily using Root Uninstaller. For best performance it’s recommenced that you have root access to your device, but Root Uninstaller will also try and remove system apps even if you don’t have root access. Keep in mind that because not all devices are the same, app removal success will vary. This is also free version of the app that’s limited, pro upgrade brings you better functionality, keep that in mind.

Get Root Uninstaller.

Perfect Uninstaller

uninstaller apps android 4

Perfect Uninstaller is an uninstaller app that’s small in size, but packed with features and has a nice looking UI.

You can see it in action on the image above. Single app for removing 1 app at a time and batch app removal for removing multiple apps at once are supported. It will also show detailed info about the apps, storage usage, there’s a find tool and much more.

Get Perfect Uninstaller.

Final Uninstaller

uninstaller apps android 5

Final Uninstaller is another classic uninstaller app for Android. All the usual functionalities are there.

By usual functionalities we’re of course referring to batch application removal, find tool, several different types of app sorting, all good things that are missing from the stock Android app manager.

Get Final Uninstaller.


We liked working with Uninstaller by Rhythm and Perfect Uninstaller the most, but if you ask us, all these apps are very similar and you won’t go wrong no matter which one you pick. Have a different favorite Android uninstaller app? Tell us about it in the comments down below.

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