4 TV Show Guide Extensions For Chrome

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Here’s a list of 4 TV show guide extensions for Chrome which you can use to keep track of your favorite TV shows. I currently watch several TV shows and extensions from the list down below help me keep track of when a new episode has been aired and I also use them to quickly look up a show that someone recommends me. All these extensions can be installed easily to your Chrome browser.

Let us see how exactly it is that these extensions work and what do they have to offer.

TV WatchList

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TV WatchList is a TV show guide extension for Chrome with a lot of useful features, some of which I already mentioned in the introduction. It can be used to keep a list of TV shows that you’re following.

Extension allows the user to mark seen episodes, so that the same episode isn’t viewed twice. It will also give out notifications when a new episode is about to be aired, has been aired but hasn’t been viewed, etc. Quick highlights of episodes can be accessed, time zone offsets can be set depending on country the user is in, shows are color coded based on their status, etc. Extension works with the TVMaze website. Dropbox is used to save data into the cloud and sync across computers.

Get TV WatchList.

My Episode Guide

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My Episode Guide is a much simpler TV guide extension when compared to TV Watchlist. Here only a rudimentary list of TV shows is available in the top right corner.

Icon of the extension is basically a notification counter which shows you the number of days until the next episode of one of the shows that you keep track is going to be aired. Extension is very clean and simple. Use the input field at the top to look up and add shows to the list.

Get My Episode Guide.

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DuckieTV – ‘New Tab’ mode

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DuckieTV – ‘New Tab’ Mode adds a TV show guide control panel to the new tab page of Chrome. A lot of useful features are available there.

Calendar tab (left sidebar) shows a calendar with marked days for when TV shows you’ve added to the watch list (hearth tab) have episodes aired. Left click on the episode title adds a small description to the sidebar on the right. Other more interesting feature include uTorrent interface integration, subtitle search and more.

Get DuckieTV – ‘New Tab’ mode.

On TV Tonight!

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On TV Tonight! has one of the most elegant interfaces out of all the TV show guide extensions for Chrome that I covered.

Search tool at the top lets you quickly add new TV shows to the watch list, although several more popular ones like the Big Bang Theory and Walking Dead are added automatically. Calendar view (like the one in DuckieTV) and list view (like the one in My Episode Guide) are available. “Yesterday”, “Today” and “Tomorrow” tabs give you quick access to all the current episodes.

Get On TV Tonight!.

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Even though it’s last on the list, I have to say that I really like On TV Tonight!. It has picked up all the good stuff from all the other TV show guide extensions and rolled them up in a very elegant interface. My Episode Guide is my second choice, because it’s nice and simple. If you want to go all out with features, functionalities and options for tweaking use Duckie or TV Watchlist.

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