5 Transparent Screen Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 transparent screen apps for Android which are great for making the screen of your tablet or smartphone transparent. I tested various apps ranging from live wallpapers, which make the phone background transparent, apps which will make everything transparent and apps which are basically transparent launchers. If you’re wondering how they make the screen transparent, the answer is camera, rear camera to be more precise. Let’s dig in.

Transparent Screen Fun

First up is Transparent Screen Fun, which is a live wallpaper that takes advantage of the rear camera of your Android powered device. Keep in mind that all the transparent screen apps I mentioned here today use the back camera, so your battery life will be shortened should you decide to use them.

transparent screen apps android 1

Transparent Screen Fun works like any other live wallpaper. After installation go to the background settings of your launcher and set Transparent Screen Fun live wallpaper as your background. Once you return to the home screen, you’ll see that the screen of your device is “transparent”, see image above.

Get Transparent Screen Fun.

Transparent Screen by porrassoft

Transparent Screen by porrassoft makes everything transparent, not just the home screen. This means that even when you have apps active they too will be transparent.

transparent screen apps android 2

Transparency intensity can be configured from within the app. This app actually has practical uses. It can come in handy when you walk through the streets and need to text. Just load up the app, make the texting app transparent and keep an eye on everything in front of you while texting.

Get Transparent Screen by porrassoft.

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Transparent Launcher

Transparent Launcher works similarly to how Transparent Screen Fun, the live wallpaper from the list above does, only you also get a launcher as an added bonus.

transparent screen apps android 3

Launching apps obstructs the transparentness, but if you want only the home screen to be transparent then this is the thing for you.

Get Transparent Launcher.

Transparent Screen by Star Light

Transparent Screen by Star Light is another transparent screen wallpaper app, where you can set what your back camera sees to be the home screen background.

transparent screen apps android 4

As you move your phone or tablet, the background changes making it seem as though the screen is transparent.

Get Transparent Screen by Star Light.

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Transparent Screen by FreeRancher

I’ll finish this list with another full featured transparent screen app which is going to make everything transparent, not just the screen of your device.

transparent screen apps android 5

Again having transparent screen apps of this sort, the ones that offer complete screen transparency, even for active apps, is going to help you out when you need to text and walk down the street or just in general when you need to know what is going on behind the phone. Settings allow you to tweak the level of transparency, among other things, see image above.

Get Transparent Screen by FreeRancher.


I really like the second and fifth transparent screen app from the list above, the ones offered by porrassoft and FreeRancher. They offer full transparency, which is useful in more situations. Use the live wallpaper transparent screen apps or the launcher if you’re looking for something to impress your friends with. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment down below.

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