5 Project Management Software For Windows 10

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Here’s a list of 5 free project management software for Windows 10 which you can use to better manage projects that you’re working on or are being in charge of. Working on multiple projects, juggling between tasks, can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re doing a lot of them at once. Having a decent project management application will help you stay on top of everything, important tasks, notes, hired people, due dates and so on. Applications from the list down below allow you to do just that, to various degrees.

Let’s have a look at what exactly it is that’s available.


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Wieldy is a feature rich project management software for Windows 10 where a whole heap of interesting features can be found next to project management. One of the more interesting features to me is a contact manager, where contact information can be found, obviously.

As far as project management goes, everything related to project management can be found in the “Actions” category in the sidebar on the left. Each project consists of multiple tasks. Tasks can be one time or recurring. They can include detailed descriptions, due dates can be scheduled, tagging is available, as are prioritizations, file attachments and more. Search tool helps when you need to find something in a large project. When a project is completed, it can be marked as done and checked off of the list.

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GeeTeeDee is a much simpler project management software for Windows 10. As you can see from the image above, the whole interface is much simpler than that of Wieldy, 2-plan and definitely GanttProject. Sidebar on the left lets you create project groups, for when you’re working on multiple projects and would like to keep tasks of each project separate.

Right click within the sidebar to add new projects to the list. Projects can have icons assigned to them, similar to favicons on websites. After creating a project move over to the right where task list is located. New tasks are added by clicking on the “New” button. Tasks consist of titles, descriptions and due dates. Once completed, they can be checked off from the list and archived.

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Also, have a look at Free Resource Planning and Scheduling: Ganttic.

2-plan – advanced project management software for Windows 10

project management software windows 10 3

2-plan is a bit more advanced software, when compared to the previous two applications that I mentioned. Feature that sticks out as the most interesting for me is support for multiple users and teams.

Left sidebar again has everything you need for creating, setting up and managing projects. Three default project types can be setup, effort driven projects, Gantt chart projects and just simple sample projects. After you’ve created a project, next step is to start adding people, milestones, roles and calendar for the project. People can have roles like “manager”. Work packages are basically packs of tasks that you, or manager, can then push to other people working on the project. Reports on project progress can be generated as HTML or CSV.

Get 2-plan.


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GanttProject is a cross platform desktop project management software for Windows 10 which focuses on project management around Gantt charts. New project is created by clicking on “New” from the top left corner menu.

New tasks are added to the project (in the left sidebar) by right clicking there and selecting “New task”, or by selecting the “New task” button from the toolbar up top. Each new task is added to the task list and the chart on the right, where the task succession is setup via drag and drop. “Resource chart” tab is where people and teams are setup. Other features include things like roles, custom info columns for projects, exports as MPX, image formats, HTML report or PDF report.

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Also, have a look at GanttProject – Project Scheduling And Management Freeware.

GNOME Planner

project management software windows 10 5

GNOME Planner is actually a another cross platform project management software that’s Gantt chart centric and works perfectly fine on Windows 10.

Similar approach to setting up projects can be found in GNOME Planner to the ones found in GanttProject. Toolbar in the left sidebar gives you a quick access for switching between Gantt project view (visual chart), task project view, resource view and resource usage view. Project resources can be people or materials by default. I mostly worked under the Gantt view, because there tasks can be graphically manipulated in the Gantt chart view. Add resources under the Resource tab. Exports can be made in HTML or GNOME Planners own native format.

Get GNOME Planner.


All 5 of the project management software from the list above worked great on my Windows 10 setup. The ones I liked the most are GeeTeeDee and GNOME Planner. GanttProject is also interesting, but GNOME Planner offers a similar set of features while being more lightweight and easy to use. GeeTeeDee is as simple as you can expect for a project management application to be, if you need project management for a single user. Let me know what you think, which program you ended up using, in the comments down below.

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