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Ganttic is a free resource planning tool designed specifically for organizations to visually schedule availability of shared resources such as equipment, projects, people, facilities. With Ganttic, you can schedule workflow, organize team for maximum efficiency, and more. This free resource planning tool is perfect for rental companies, construction businesses, and manufacturers. The free version is free for up to 10 resources. A 30-day free trial is also available for the paid version.

This free project scheduler helps you organize your project teams for maximum efficiency, allows seamless collaboration within each project. Ganttic is a tool for resource planning and scheduling and also providing resource forecast for the all projects.

This free resource planning tool works like a Visual gantt chart scheduler wherein, to create a task you just have to click-drag-and release, to reschedule you have to drag-and-drop, colors can be used to manage the status of tasks, projects, etc. and these color indicators can be changed any time. ganttic

In addition, you can also monitor resource utilization. You just need to turn on utilization feature and set working time. You can also set “Busy Time” or utilization percentage of tasks.

Some Key Features of this Resource Planning tool:

  • Enable you to have Visual planning
  • Serves you with Multi-project resource scheduling
  • Helps you with resource utilization
  • Helps you to customize data sets and tasks
  • Gives different color task-bars to show status of projects, tasks, etc.
  • Allows you to instantly switch between color schemes.
  • Quick and easy selection of visible time range
  • Collaborating in Real Time
  • Automatic tracking of changes

In order to get started with Ganttic, you need to register yourself with the website. Simply go onto the website and sign-up for free.


In short, Ganttic is an excellent resource planning tool that helps to organize team, schedule your work and more. Go ahead and try it out yourself.

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