5 New Tab To-Do List Extensions For Chrome

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Here’s a list of 5 new tab to-do list extensions for Google Chrome which you can use to have to-do lists open every time that you open up a new tab. In some situations a to-do list isn’t enough, because some people forget to look at it leaving the tasks on the to-do list unfinished. If you spend most of you time in Chrome, having a to-do list pop-up every time that a new tab will make sure that the to-do list does not go unnoticed.

Let’s look at these extensions below.


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Momentum is an extension that will completely take over your new tab home screen and replace it with HD backgrounds, a clock, weather forecast and of course a to-do list.

All the features of the new and improved home screen are wrapped up in a minimalistic design. To-do list can be accessed from the bottom right corner of the screen (where it says ToDo). New items are easily added by clicking on New ToDo input field. When a task is finished, just put a check mark next to it.

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Dayboard – New Tab Page

new tab to-do list google chrome 2

Dayboard is a new tab to-do list extension which will let you setup a 5 item long to-do list as your new tab home screen. Every day only 5 tasks can be added to the list.

Small menu is available at the top where for now you can turn on the Focus Mode (sets only the first item from the to-do list as your home screen) and you can also open up statistics about task completion (the History tab). Settings tab isn’t available, it’s still under development. Account can be registered with the Dayboard website to help you save your to-do list online.

Get Dayboard – New Tab Page

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Tabula (New Tab To-do List)

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Tabula is similar to Momentum in that it fetches amazing looking HD images from the web (Flickr I think) and sets them as the home screen backgrounds.

To do list can be found in the top right corner of the home screen. New items are easily added using the Add input field. You can see it on the image above, but there’s also a History tab in the left corner where you can load up a list of completed tasks.

Get Tabula (New Tab To-do List)

Todo Cloud New Tab Page

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Todo Cloud New Tab Page requires you to register an account with the To Do Cloud website. Registration is free, but there is an option to upgrade your account for some extra features.

After registering an account and logging in, every time that you visit a new tab you’ll be taken to the ToDo dashboard, where you can manage your to-do list, schedule tasks and more, see image above.

Get Todo Cloud New Tab Page

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Wunderlist New Tab

new tab to-do list google chrome 5

Wunderlist New Tab also requires you to register an account, but the new tab dashboard that you get is the complete opposite of ToDo Cloud New Tab Page.

You can see how it’s the complete opposite on the image above, it’s much simpler. Add new items to the to-do list by typing them out and hitting Enter. When they’re completed, just click on them and they’re gone from the list.

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Two favorites of mine when it comes to new tab to-do list extensions for Chrome mentioned above are Wunderlist and Momentum. They are both simplistic, fast with great looking backgrounds. Let me know what you think in comments down below.

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