5 Human Anatomy Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 human anatomy apps for Android which you can use to learn about the human anatomy on your Android phone or tablet. Seeing how very complex the human anatomy is, it doesn’t come as that big of a surprise that a lot of med students have problems learning all the different biological systems that our body consists of. Apps can help with learning. In some cases, they can even have a 3D representation of the human body to help you visualize all the different parts of the body more easily.

Let’s look at these apps below.

Human Anatomy by SusaSoftX

human anatomy apps android 1

Human Anatomy is a human anatomy app which brings you information on 16 different biological systems that our bodies have. You get info on our skeleton, respiratory system, muscular system, cardio-vascular system, reproductive systems of both males and females and more.

After you run the app you’ll be presented with a list of the 16 available biological systems of our body that the app covers. Select one and you’ll see an image with all the important parts, their names and short descriptions and links to wiki entries with more detailed explanations. Pinch zoom in and out are available.

Get Human Anatomy.

AnatomyLearning – 3D Atlas

human anatomy apps android 2

AnatomyLearning is a popular website where you can learn 3D anatomy and AnatomyLearning – 3D Atlas is the Android version of that website, a 3D human anatomy app where you get to learn human anatomy on actual 3D models.

Two things you’ll need to use AnatomyLearning, a phone or a tablet with newer hardware, like 2 years old max and you will also need to be prepared to spend 1GB of data on a download of the 3D models. Available categories are similar to those of Human Anatomy.

Get AnatomyLearning – 3D Atlas.

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Visual Anatomy Free

human anatomy apps android 3

Visual Anatomy Free is another 3D anatomy app where you have rotational 3D view of various parts of human anatomy, see image above.

Each one of those plus signs is a point of interest on which you can click and get info on what that particular part of the anatomy is called and what it does. It’s possible to zoom in/out, rotate the view in 3D and the entire app is much smaller than AnatomyLearning, around 10MB in size, which is great for those who are limited with storage.

Get Visual Anatomy Free.

Organs 3D (Anatomy)

human anatomy apps android 4

Organs 3D is also a 3D anatomy app which focuses on organs. Here you will also need to have a bit more modern phone, seeing how the app utilizes the popular Unity game engine to display the 3D graphics.

Each one of the organs displayed on the image above can be tapped. It will change color to indicate that it’s the currently selected organ. Info about the selected organ will be showed in a pop-up at the bottom of the screen. Zoom in/out, rotation, etc. are also available here.

Get Organs 3D (Anatomy).

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Human Anatomy and Physiology

human anatomy apps android 5

Human Anatomy and Physiology is an app where there are some images, but this isn’t a 3D app by any means, it actually focuses more on giving users text based information about the human anatomy.

Here you’re also first presented with a menu of all the different parts of the anatomy, our skeleton, cardio-vascular system, etc. Select one and you’ll then see all the important info about the selected part of anatomy showed to you.

Get Human Anatomy and Physiology.


Visual Anatomy Free is not very demanding when it comes to storage or hardware, but it still gives a great 3D human anatomy experience. Give it a try first, and then move on to Human Anatomy by SusaSoftX if you need something that’s no very hardware demanding.

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