4 Free Anatomy Websites To Explore Human Anatomy

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Here is a list of 4 free anatomy websites that’ll allow you to explore human anatomy and enhance your knowledge.

These anatomy websites provide you knowledge on various systems of our body and anybody interested to learn about the human body can visit these websites. Most of us are not well aware about various systems present in our body. To learn human anatomy in a fun way, I’ve reviewed some free anatomy websites that let you understand human body in much better way.

These free anatomy websites provide you interactive interface that displays detailed description of body organs along with their location and related diseases.

Some of these free websites provide you symptoms of various diseases so that you can take proper care if suffering with any of these. Some of these free anatomy websites provides anatomy games and quizzes, so you understand and learn human anatomy, enhancing your knowledge in fun way. These free anatomy websites are suitable for students learning medical sciences as well for novice users who are new and not aware of biological terms.

Below I’ve reviewed some free anatomy websites, namely: Anatomicus – Human Anatomy Atlas, Anatomy 3D, Fun with Anatomy: 3D Skeletal Edition, and BioDigital Human, which you can use to explore human anatomy to understand human body in a much better way.

Anatomicus – Human Anatomy Atlas:

Anatomicus - Human Anatomy Atlas

Anatomicus – Human Anatomy Atlas is a free anatomy website that provides you anatomy atlas and anatomy games. Anatomy Games are available for mobile phones Android, and on Mac desktop. This free anatomy website offers you 9 interactive anatomy atlas namely: Muscular System, Cardiovascular System, Skeletal System, Respiratory System, Nervous System, Digestive System, Reproductive System, Urinary System, and Lymphatic System, so that you can explore human body anatomy accordingly. It provides you all the biological terms related to the systems and explains them well with the required illustrations. It shows the exact position and working principals along with descriptions of various organs via perfect interactive visual atlas. It also provides related content which comprises of related diseases, symptoms, and games. It particularly focuses on 13 deeper body regions, namely: Heart, Brain, Vagina, Liver, Spleen, Stomach, etc. so that you can explore the particular body part accordingly. In addition, this free anatomy website provides you detailes of 6 Diseases and its related symptoms so that you can take care of your body accordingly.

Get Anatomicus – Human Anatomy Atlas here.

Anatomy 3D: Free Anatomy App

Anatomy 3D

Anatomy 3D is a free anatomy website that provides quality as well as comprehensive 3D anatomy contents. This free anatomy website provides you various anatomy videos, web apps, and mobile apps, with rich and qualitative anatomy contents. It also provides you 3D anatomy contents in iOS and Android formats so as to build up your biological knowledge with ease. It provides you highly rich 3D anatomy contents related to human body, surgical tools, physiology, primal pictures, visual atlas of various organs, and more, so that you can enhance your knowledge in field of medical science and know more about your body. This free anatomy website provides you various doctor and surgery games, so as to enjoy and learn about human body, medical tools, and other biological aspects in fun way. Not only that, it lets you share custom view on various social networks like Facebook and Twitter and at the same time provides you search tool so as to explore more human anatomy.

Update 2022: This website doesn’t exist anymore. We recommend you use AnatomyLearning instead.

Fun with Anatomy: 3D Skeletal Edition:

Fun with Anatomy

Fun with Anatomy: 3D Skeletal Edition is a free anatomy  website that lets you learn anatomy of the human skeletal system. This free anatomy website provides you  interactive 3D environment with 3D controls which you can use to rotate, zoom, or select any particular skeletal part of the human body. It provides you powerful visuals to visualize virtually along with the detailed descriptions of the selected skeletal part of the body, directly through the Wikipedia. This free anatomy website provides you Quiz mode where you can test your knowledge and learn well about human skeletal system.

Get Fun with Anatomy: 3D Skeletal Edition here.

BioDigital Human:

BioDigital Human

BioDigital Human is a free anatomy website that lets you explore human body in 3D. This free anatomy website provides you two Anatomy options: the Male option and the Female option, from which you can choose the desired one. It provides you anatomy of various parts like Muscular System, Cardiovascular System, Skeletal System, Respiratory System, Nervous System, Digestive System, Reproductive System, and many more, so as to explore accordingly. It provides you Condition options that displays all kinds of diseases and disorders along with the detailed description and location of the same.

This free anatomy website offers you various standard tools like Standard mode, transparent mode, isolate mode, Single Pick, Multi Pick, Dissect, etc. that you can use free of cost. On the other hand it also provides you various premium tools like take snapshot, screensaver mode, cross-section tool, and many more, which you can use for free only up to one month. After a month to use these tools further you’ll have to upgrade your account to the paid version. It provides you a navigator and a zoom in/out slider,  which you can use to move or zoom in/out, respectively. Not only that, it provides you a sound button which can be used to listen to the name of any specific part of the body so as to pronounce it correctly.

Click here for detailed review.

Get BioDigital Human here.

Visualize and learn your body organs and related disorders with these free anatomy websites to understand your body in a better way. Pick your desired free anatomy app and send us your feedback. Do suggest us if you use some other anatomy app to study human anatomy in the comments section below.

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