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BioDigital Human is a handy app available for Google Chrome that lets you easily understand the human anatomy, diseases, and their treatments. It provides you a 3D platform that helps you understand about the human anatomy in an easy manner. With this 3D view, it provides multiple valuable tools such as: dissect, multi pick, exploring, etc. These valuable tools helps you to examine the human body without any problem. You will come to know about the diseases associated with different parts in human body. More in this, you also have the facility to share a particular view to social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter).

In addition to it, there will be a detailed medical description available for you to increase your knowledge about human body. There is a lot to explore using this handy app. In simple means, you can explore the human body in 3D view and can gain more and more knowledge about it.

It is very suitable app for people interested in physiology, medical conditions, anatomy, health, etc. And all these facilities are available for free in BioDigital Human.

BioDigital Human 001

Key Features of BioDigital Human:

  • You can easily understand human anatomy, diseases, and their treatments.
  • 3D platform view available.
  • Valuable tools are present.
  • Explore and examine the human body.
  • Detailed medical description available.
  • Share views to Facebook and Twitter.

How BioDigital Human Works?

You can add this to your Chrome browser, and can work with it easily. Here, is the link to add BioDigital Human. Go to this link and add this handy app to your Chrome browser. Just after adding it, you can open it from your Google Chrome’s apps page. Hit on its icon there and it will direct you to new web page. Here, you just need to go for a sign up process (as you could see in the above given figure). You can even sign in with your Facebook or Google account. After signing in, you are ready to explore human body.

BioDigital Human 002

Anatomy and Conditions:

You just need to select a model (male or female) to start exploring the human body. For this, click on the Anatomy option available at the right side. Click on Male option if you want a male model, or else select the Female option. Just after selecting a model, you can enable different systems such as: Nervous system, Cardiovascular system, Lymphatic system, muscular system etc. For exploring these systems, you just need to click on the drop down menu icon available in front of each system. This way you could select or choose the desired parts which you want to see in your selected model.

Just next to Anatomy option, there is Conditions option present. In this option, you will find different diseases, cancers, disorders, etc. which can happen to human body. You just need to select a specific one. Just after clicking a particular condition, you will find its detailed medical description at the top right side along with 3D effect of that pointed part (see the below given screenshot).

This way you can learn better about a particular condition (disorder or disease) along with treatment information in description part.

BioDigital Human 003

Valuable Tools Present in BioDigital Human:

There are important tools present in BioDigital Human under Standard tools such as:

  • Three different modes: There are three different modes present in tools: Standard mode, transparency mode, and isolate mode. You just need to select a desired mode to view the human anatomy in that mode.
  • Single Pick and Multi Pick: These tools will help you to select anatomy objects. Click on Single Pick tool to select individual anatomy objects, or else click on Multi Pick tool to select more than one anatomy object.
  • Dissect: This tool helps you to hide the anatomy so that underlying structure(s) can be viewed.
  • In addition to this, there is a navigator available at the middle part which lets you to move the human body accordingly. Moreover, you can even zoom in/out the model with the help of given slider in Navigator. And if you wish to hear a particular part name of anatomy, then there is a sound button available for this. This way, you can listen and pronounce the name of a specific part correctly.

BioDigital Human 004

Note: Along with standard tools, there are premium tools available that lets you perform more functions such as: screensaver mode, take a snapshot, cross-section tool to slice the human anatomy, etc. The good thing is that you can avail the benefits of premium tools for free upto one month. But after that you need to upgrade to the paid version (if you wish) of this app to continue use them.

More Options in BioDigital Human:

If you want to share a specific view of human anatomy, then you can do it easily. This could be possible by clicking on the Custom option available next to Conditions option. By clicking on this option, you will find plenty of views such as: pectoral muscles, head, etc. The available views can be easily emailed or shared (Facebook and Twitter). See the below mentioned screenshot:

BioDigital Human 005

For adjusting settings and getting help regarding BioDigital Human app, you need to hit on the given options for these. These options will be available at the top right side of your BioDigital Human account. Perform actions according to your requirement.

There is a lot to do with this useful and unique app. You need to spend a bit time to explore and expand your knowledge about human anatomy. Try this handy app yourself for free.

You may also try some websites to get free online medical advice from doctors.

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