4 Free Services to Get Free Incoming Fax Number

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Here are some free services that provide you with free incoming fax number to receive fax on your email for free. You can hand out these free online fax numbers to anyone, and any fax sent to these incoming fax numbers is delivered to your email directly.

1) eFax Free

eFax is one of the most popular online faxing service. However, many people are not aware that eFax provides a free version also that lets you receive incoming faxes for free.

Free version of eFax gives you a free incoming fax number. Any fax that is sent to your free efax number is directly forwarded to your email as an attachment. You need free efax messenger to open the fax attachments.

Try efax free here. You can also get a free trial of full version of efax here.

2) Voxox

We recently discovered Voxox. It is a full fledged communication system. It gives you a free incoming phone number. That phone number can also be used as a free incoming fax number. When anyone sends fax on your number, Voxox sends that to your inbox.

Voxox provides incoming faxes for completely free. If you want to send outgoing fax, you have to pay a small fee.

A big advantage of Voxox is that you can use it to get free incoming SMS, and free incoming voicemail too. Download Voxox here.

3) K7.Net

K7.net is another easy to use free service to get free incoming fax number. It forwards the faxes sent on your fax number to your email as attachment. You can open attachment with any free image viewer. This is a big advantage over eFax that needs eFax mesenger.

Another great feature of K7 is that it also lets you receive voicemail for free on the same number. You do not need to download anything to use K7. Try K7 here.

4) FreeFax

FreeFax is a free service that lets you get free incoming fax number in UK and Italy. FreeFax imposes a limit of 3 free faxes per month. That is still sufficient for those users who need to get faxes just once in a while. Try FreeFax here.

If you want to send faxes for free, you can try GotFreeFax, FaxZero, and FreeFaxButton.

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