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VoxOx is a free VOIP communications suite that lets you receive unlimited calls free, and also gives a free incoming U.S. phone number. You can use that free incoming phone number to receive calls, receive text messages, and even receive fax messages for free. To send faxes for free, you can setup your own virtual fax machine.

VoxOx is a comprehensive VOIP communication tool that unifies all of the communication and networking tools that people use in the modern day. It combines services like text messaging and video calls with social networking online services like Facebook and Twitter. All of the services that the socially minded individual wants are available with this free communication suite.

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The conference call setup screen in VoxOx.

Features of Voxox:

  • Personalize calling experience for each contact.
  • Conference calling.
  • Text from a real phone number.
  • Forward all texts to your mobile phone.
  • Text all over the world.
  • Unify all online instant messaging services to one login and one list of friends.
  • Reply to tweets and Facebook statuses.
  • Update all social networking statuses at once.
  • Add photos to friends and contacts.
  • Send files and documents via text messages.
  • Universal inbox.

The Complete Communications System

The main advantage of this free communication suite is the huge depth of features that it has. There is absolutely nothing communications-based that VoxOx does not cover, meaning that it is an excellent tool for someone to have in order to keep up to date with all of their communications needs.

The free services that Voxox provides are absolutely great. When you download Voxox, you get a free incoming phone number in U.S. You can use that incoming phone number to receive unlimited free calls, unlimited free SMS, and unlimited free fax messages. This is much better than eFax free incoming fax number as that lets you receive only free incoming fax messages.

Voxox also lets you upgrade service to make calls, send messages, and send outgoing faxes for cheap.

With many programs, such a huge number of features would have a massively negative effect on how the software works and how simple the interface is. However, in this case, the performance of the software is still flawless and the interface is more than manageable for anyone, regardless of their computing skill.


So overall, VoxOx is a free communication suite that everyone with a large number of social and communications tools to manage should consider installing. Everything about the software makes life more convenient for the user with several tools allowing those who work with it to unify several of their profiles at once. This makes it far easier for users to keep on top of all of their social and communications needs. Only thing that comes remotely near to Voxox is Trillian Astra, but it is just remotely near.

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Works With: Windows, Mac
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