Free Chronic Pain Relief Application for Android: Pancea

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Pancea app is designed to help remove chronic pain. It has personalized exercises according to your problems. It takes a small survey of all your difficulties and then generates exercise modules for you. You get tutorials from certified trainers. Following these exercises can help you ease your pain.

Pancea app shows your symptoms, issues, and the solutions for those issues. This app works on all the targeted areas of your body where you’re feeling discomfort. It has different exercises for different concerns of your body.

It also provides How-to guides for equipment settings, various exercises, and some other step-wise programs and guides for mental and physical health.

How to use Pancea app?

First is installing Pancea.

When you have signed up, the app will start asking questions. Answer them truthfully for the best results because the training module will be set according to the questions you answer in this round. It asks questions like your Discomfort area, level and time, your stress level and how does all of this affect your daily life activities.

Pancea discomfort area

After you’ve answered all the questions, the app will ask you to record your body movements to learn the reasons of your problems and root of your symptoms. You just have to open your front camera and move according to the directions given by the app. For your ease, there are pre-recorded tutorials for the same.

Pancea assesment tutorial 2

Once your recording is complete, you’re free to access your personalized program.

Program Section

Pancea prgram section

In the program section you’ll see Move Minis which includes easy exercises of a few seconds duration to help release pain from your discomfort area.


Pancea release exercise 2


Pancea strength exercise 2


Pancea stretch exercise 1

After the sessions are complete, it asks for your feedback, whether you’re feeling better, normal or worse.

Weekly Goals

Pancea weekly goals

Weekly goals are some set of exercises, yoga and meditation. You can increase and decrease the no. of weekly goals set for you, according to your capability of following the program.

It includes Pancea corrective (20 min), Meditation (5 min), and Yoga (20 min).

Pancea corrective session


In the library section, some How-To guides, instructions and other miscellaneous exercises are provided.

Pancea library



Pancea surely turns out to be a very helping app, having certified trainers back it up. And because it gathers information about your problems, it is able to generate a personalized therapy program which helps you in getting rid of your pain.

If after using this app and not getting the benefits as claimed by the service, then you must consult a doctor. Consulting a doctor stays the top priority always.

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