Firefox Add-on To Copy Any Webpage Title, URL, Links, HTML Source

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Easy Copy is a handy Firefox add-on that helps to copy any webpage title, URL, HTML source, and title link. Apart from this, it is also helpful to copy wiki link of a webpage that includes webpage URL and title together. Not only this, you can even copy details of all webpages currently opened on your Firefox browser. It can be useful in any situation, like when you want to save all URLs of your browser session, or you need to send URLs to your friend.

One more interesting thing about this plugin is that it lets you copy each and every URL (as text or HTML) present in a webpage in one go. This may include hyperlinks, rss feed URL, and other links. Easy Copy provides all of these options in right-click context menu. Whenever you want to copy any of these details, you simply need to right-click on active webpage, and use any appropriate option.

Easy Copy

Screenshot above shows Easy Copy context menu options and title link, URL, and Title copied by me using this Firefox add-on.

Recently, we have also covered Firefox add-ons that helps to copy text and URL multiple times: URL MultiCopy and Text MultiCopy.

How To Use This Free Firefox Add-on?

To use this add-on, install it to your Firefox browser. I have placed its homepage link at the end of this review. You need to restart your browser to install this extension.

Whenever you have to copy any individual webpage’s URL, or title, or wiki link, HTML source, or all links of that webpage, simply right-click on that page. After this, you need to access Easy Copy option. This will explore all the options available in this option. This will include Title Link, URL, Title, BBCode Link, etc. Now you simply need to choose the required option and it will be copied to clipboard. Copied item can be placed to any text editor or can be used for email. In screenshot below, you could see Wiki link and BBCode pasted by me to Notepad using Easy Copy option.

Easy Copy context menu option

Apart from Easy Copy option, you will also find Copy All Tabs option. This option will help you to copy URL, title, Wiki Link, Title link and Selection, and links available on all opened webpages.

Copy All Tabs option

In short, you can copy any possible option provided by this extension to your current browsing session.


You can also customize Options of Easy Copy. For this, use right-click context menu, access Easy Copy/Copy All Tabs, and click on Options. It will open options where you can:

  • Set formatting for title text. That means, you can remove extra stuff, say extra space/hyphen, etc.
  • Select which tabs you want to include for copy process, if Copy All Tabs option is used. That means, whether you want to include all tabs (which is by default), only selected text, or active window only.
  • set options to display on context menu.


Easy Copy is quite simple add-on but useful for many cases. Specially, option to copy all links present in a webpage or all webpages and copy Wiki link are valuable. You can try this add-on if it fits your needs.

Get Easy Copy free.

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