5 URL Shortener Addons For Firefox

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Here’s a list of 5 URL shortener addons for Firefox which can be used to shorten long and incomprehensible URLs. Using shortened URLs is considered “good taste” since it’s not nice to send people an URL that’s 5 lines long in messages. In some places it’s not even possible to do that because of limits on the number of characters that can be used in messages/posts. Hopefully we don’t have to tell you which services it is that we’re talking about. Let’s see what we found.

Cutyfox URL Shortener

Cutyfox URL Shortener has an excellent URL shortener integration. It can be added into the address bar, addon toolbar down below, or the one in the top right corner of the browser window.

url shortener addons for firefox 1

One click is all it takes to shorten a URL and copy it into the clipboard. I suggest that you add the Cutyfox icon to the address bar so that it’s handy when you need URLs shortened. By default the addon uses is.gd URL shortening service, but you can change this to bit.ly, goo.gl or mcaf.ee.

Get Cutyfox URL Shortener.

Shortly URL Shortener

Shortly URL Shortener is a simpler version of Cutyfox. Only one URL shortening service is available, bit.ly and by default the addon adds icon to the address bar for quick URL shortening.

url shortener addons for firefox 2

Addon icons can also be found at the bottom toolbar, and alternatively you can use keyboard shortcuts to shorten the URL and copy it to the clipboard automatically. If you’re not fond of keyboard shortcuts, just click on the icon and the URL is automatically shortened and copied to the clipboard.

Get Shortly URL Shortener.

McAfee Secure URL Shortener

This is a URL shortening addon for Firefox created by the very popular antivirus company, McAfee, and because of that it’s comes packed with an extra layer of security.

url shortener addons for firefox 3

You might be wondering that how is this secure. Well, when you shorten a URL using this addon, by right clicking on an URL and selecting the “Shorten with mcaf.ee” option, URL that’s being shortened is first checked by McAfee to make sure that it doesn’t contain malware. If everything’s OK, then the URL is shortened and copied to the clipboard.

Get McAfee Secure URL Shortener.

Shortest URL Shortener

Shortest URL Shortener uses a very short domain v.gd and is a very simple URL shortener all around.

url shortener addons for firefox 4

With URL Shortener you only get an icon in the top right corner, where addons usually add their icons and again the only thing that you have to do is tap on icon for the currently open URL gets shortened and copied to the clipboard.

Get Shortest URL Shortener.

to.ly- URL shortener

to.ly- URL shortener is another URL shortener addon for Firefox which works with the to.ly website.

url shortener addons for firefox 5

Addon adds an icon to the bottom right corner of the interface from where in order to shorten the URL you just need to tap on the icon and you’re done.

Get to.ly- URL shortener.


We liked Cuttyfox for its configurablity and the McAfee URL shortener because it offers extra security. Try them all and see how it goes. Leave comments down below.

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