Firefox Add-on To Copy Multiple Pieces of Text and Paste Together

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Text MultiCopy is a useful Firefox add-on (or extension) that is used to copy online multiple text items. All the copied texts are stored separately (not in clipboard) and you can paste whole text at required place in one go. Instead of copying and pasting text one after another, this extension can help to store all text that you want for later use. Simply select the text and copy it, and similarly copy as many text items as you want. This extension will keep accumulating all of them. When you have to paste text on appropriate place, simply paste it.

You can even move all the saved text entries to clipboard, and then paste it to sticky note or any other Windows program. This add-on provides both, copy paste and save to clipboard options, on right-click context menu. Just few mouse clicks are required to store text from different locations and paste it on required place.

Text MultiCopy- context menu options

Screenshot above shows context menu options that will be added after installation of this Firefox add-on.

Text MultiCopy is able to copy any kind of text from any website.

This extension works a lot like URL MultiCopy extension I reviewed earlier, that lets you copy multiple URLs.

We have also covered some free text highlighter addons for Firefox.

Key Features of Text Multicopy Extension for Firefox:

  • Copied text remains stored even if browser is closed accidentally.
  • For each copied text, it also copies its location URL. So, you can easily find which text was copied from which website. When text is pasted, location URL is also pasted at the end of each text.
    auto copy location URL of text
  • Clipboard content is not overwritten by this extension. All text is copied separately.
  • You can move copied text to clipboard whenever you want to save it offline.
  • Duplicate text is removed automatically.

 How To Work With Extension to Copy Multiple Texts:

To start using this add-on, install it on your Firefox browser. I have added its homepage link at the end of this review. Your browser needs to restart to install this add-on.

Once you have installed this add-on, you are ready to make use of it. Just select any text and right-click on it. In context menu, you will find Text MultiCopy option. Click on this option and selected text will be copied. Although, hotkey (Ctrl+Shift+F8) is also available for this option, but this didn’t work for me.

select a text to copy

In the similar way, you can copy more text. It doesn’t matter whether you are copying text from same webpage or different, it lets you copy text from anywhere on Firefox browser.

When its time to paste text, simply right-click on required place, and use Paste here option.

paste copied text

Immediately all the text with location URL will be pasted. This option will work only when you are pasting the text within Firefox. For pasting the copied text to anywhere else, say in a text editor, you need to move it to clipboard. Use the right-click context menu and click on Save to Clipboard option for that.


Text MultiCopy is simple extension but serves its purpose successfully. It comes in handy when you have to copy many different pieces of text together.

Get Text MultiCopy free.

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