5 Text Highlighting Addons For Firefox

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Here’s a list of 5 text highlighting addons for Firefox which you can use to highlight text on websites. Remembering information when reading a lot of text on a website can be tiresome, especially if text isn’t formated properly. Highlighting can come in handy in these types of situations just like it does in textbooks. All these text highlighting addons can be installed free on your Firefox browser.

Let’s see what kind of highlighting addons for Firefox are available.

Context Highlight

firefox text highlighting add-ons

Context Highlight has two ways how it can highlight words. First you can select a word or multiple words and it will highlight these words throughout the text, no matter how many words you select, each word will get its own color (Highlight Words mode).

The second work mode that’s available is the phrase highlighter, where you can select entire sentence or larger blocks of text and only highlight the selection (Highlight Phrase mode).

Get Context Highlight.


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HighlightAll will highlight all the words on a website, automatically. It basically works like the first work mode of Context Highlight, only it’s faster.

To highlight a certain word or a phrase on a website, the only thing that you have to do is to make a selection by holding down left click and dragging your mouse across the word or several words for that matter. Text selection is automatically highlighted throughout the document wherever it’s mentioned, see image above.

Get HighlightAll.

Simple Highlighter

firefox text highlighting add-ons-2

Simple Highlighter has three ways how it can highlight text, either by adding a yellow highlight, a red highlight or by turning font of the selected text to bold.

There’s a fourth option which might also come in handy called Hide Selection. As you might have guessed it, this option will hide the selected text by “highlighting” it with a black color.

Get Simple Highlighter.

Prostetnic Highlighter

firefox text highlighting add-ons-3

Prostetnic Highlighter has one of the largest selection of colors that you can use for highlighting text.

Like with all the addons until now the highlighting options are hidden away in the right click context menu. Controls for managing highlights are also added to the top right corner toolbar. On top of all that there are keyboard shortcuts that you can use. For example C + ALT + H will highlight selected text while C + ALT + N removes all highlights. Interesting feature of Prostetnic Highlighter is that it will keep highlights even after you refresh the page that you’re currently on.

Get Prostetnic Highlighter.


firefox text highlighting add-ons-6

TextMarker is a simple and straightforward text highlighting addon for Firefox which you can use to highlight text without having to tinker around with options a lot.

Unlike with all the other extensions that we talked about until now, TextMarker only adds 1 option to the right click context menu, the one for turning on text highlighting. You do get to change colors of the highlights, by opening up the addons page and opening up addon settings, but that’s as far as configuring goes.

Get TextMarker.


As far as options and functionalities goes, the winner in that department is most definitely Prostetnic Highlighter. TextMarker on the other hand is perfect for everyone that’s looking for simplicity without having to figure out a lot of options. Others are also very useful, each in its own way.

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