Best Free Alternative Game For Age Of Empires: 0 A.D.

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0 A.D. available for Windows, Mac, and Linux is a best free alternative for Age of Empires (AOE) game. 0 A.D. is a 3D RTS (Real Time Strategy) game which depicts the ancient warfare.

0 A.D. is based on wars and economic conditions of historical civilizations. Now it’s your turn to relive those historical times and rewrite the history. This is an open source game and is available for free download on all three major Operating Systems: Windows, Mac, and Linux. The download size is 350 MB.

age of empires alternative

Why I chose 0 A.D. As Alternative For Age Of Empires:

Age of empires is a famous real time strategy game. It is available in a paid version, so I was looking for an alternative game which is free. After playing many games I found this game and my search came to an end. There are many features which make 0 A.D. a best free alternative for Age of Empires (I’m not talking about the bad third version of AOE). Some of the features are:

  • Civilizations: There are many civilizations in 0 A.D. which resemble Age of Empires. This is still under development, so we can expect more options soon.
  • Citizens and Soldiers: There is no standard villager in this game. In the city center you can get both soldiers and villagers. Both citizens and soldiers work in construction of buildings, gathering stuff, and fighting. In Age of empires the soldiers don’t work, they just fight but most of the functioning in this aspect is same. Actually soldiers working is a good option developed by 0 A.D.
  • Upgrading: Both Age of empires and 0 A.D. has upgrading options for the city center and other buildings also. In 0 A.D. the villagers also gain experience and upgrade automatically.
  • Resources: The resources like food, stone, metal, etc. are same like AOE. You can collect resources, trade, and use them for upgrading or developing units.
  • Maps: The maps available and their resemblance to reality is same like Age of Empires game.
  • Structures: The structures like houses, naval docks, markets, walls, etc. are all available in Age of Empires too.
  • Multiplayer: Multiplayer game is also same like AOE. Don’t forget to play multiplayer with your friends and have fun.

There are many other features which resemble Age of Empires. Check this awesome game for yourself and you will be amazed.

age of empires alternative 0ad

Other Features of 0 A.D.:

The other features available in 0 A.D. are:

  • Learn To Play: New to 0 A.D. or new to strategy games then go through this tutorial to get started.
  • Single Player: In single player mode you can play matches and campaign with your own settings of: map, number of opponents, type of match, etc. This mode is for playing with computer players. If you have saved any previously played games, then you can access them from this option.
  • Multiplayer: In multiplayer you can play with your friends. Read this tutorial on How to setup LAN to play multiplayer game, with your friends.
  • Editor: You can edit your own map from here.
  • History: You can learn about the history of the civilizations that are available in 0 A.D.

age of empires alternative setup

The controls are pretty simple: use your mouse to move around the map, left click on units and right click to the destination you want them to reach. To select multiple units just select all of them with mouse or press Ctrl and click on units which you want to select. Most of the time it’s the mouse which does the job.

0 A.D. has awesome graphics, great music effects, and improved computer players. I found this game way better than earlier reviewed Battle for Wesnoth. Enjoy this wonderful alternative to Age of Empires and let me know your opinions in comment section below.

Click here to Download 0 A.D.

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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac, Linux
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