Free Mystery Game App For Windows 10: Enigmatis 3

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Enigmatis 3: The Shadow Of Karkhala is a free mystery game app for Windows 10. The game is designed to completely immerse you in its mysterious aura where you play as a private detective. The game has everything in it to appeal to audiences of all age groups – from stunning graphics to amazing gameplay experience. The game has easy controls which involve you to interact with objects by merely clicking on them with your mouse or tapping on your screen, in case you have a touch screen device. It’s a bit hefty on size though, so you might want to keep an eye on it if you are on capped bandwidth.

Enigmatis 3: The Shadow Of Karkhala for Windows 10 is available for free from the Windows App Store.

Enigmatis 3 main menu

Controls of Enigmatis 3: The Shadow Of Karkhala

Non Touch Devices:

Use the mouse to hover over objects. When they are highlighted with the in game cursor, you may click on them via the left mouse button. For some interactions, clicking and dragging with your left mouse button is also essential.

To sum it up – Mouse controls only, no keyboard interaction necessary.

Touch Devices:

Use your finger as the left mouse click to interact with objects.

To sum it up – Your finger is the mouse. No keyboard interaction is necessary.

Main features of Enigmatis 3: The Shadow Of Karkhala for Windows 10

Running the game presents you with a well designed, clutter free main menu where profile creation is as easy as typing in your name in the profile name field and clicking the OK button.Enigmatis 3 main menuOnce your profile is created, the game can be started via the PLAY button which brings up the chapter selection screen…Enigmatis 3 select difficulty

…which is then followed by the difficulty selection.Enigmatis 3 start gameClicking OK in the screen above brings up the gameplay, which of course, starts off with a guided tutorial.Enigmatis 3 gameplay All interactions necessary are highlighted in this tutorial, per se. The game’s menu is accessible via the conveniently located Menu button at the bottom left of the screen.Enigmatis 3 menu The Menu gives you options to configure various settings of the game, access the Help sections, etc. Getting back to the game itself, it’s packed with stunning visual cut scenes that are a treat to watch.Enigmatis 3 game movieThese of course, can be skipped via the Skip button which is present at the bottom-center. The gameplay interface has two important buttons – Tasks and Hint.Enigmatis 3 gameplayThe Tasks button brings up the notebook of objectives.Enigmatis 3 objectivesThe Hint button at the bottom right of the screen makes the area which needs to be interacted with glow bright. Use this button in case you are stuck somewhere. The game has certain levels where you can zoom in closer on the scene. The zoomed up scene looks like the following screenshot.Enigmatis 3 close up active sceneThese can be called the active scenes. Here, you can collect various objects which go into your inventory right at the bottom of your screen. The inventory items can be accessed anytime by clicking on them.

This basically wraps up the how-to and main features of Enigmatis 3: The Shadow Of Karkhala.

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Enigmatis 3: The Shadow Of Karkhala is a great game for Windows 10 which acts as the perfect medium to while away your free time while being a pretend-detective. The game has basically everything to appeal to the youngsters and adults alike, and I’m sure that you will love it too!

Get Enigmatis 3: The Shadow Of Karkhala.

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