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Twitonomy is a free web app that collects in-depth Twitter data analytics and provide extensive information on tweets and Twitter users. It’s an amazing service that deeply analyzes your Twitter profile and provides detailed analytics on tweets, retweets, links, mentions, hashtags, and sources. Twitonomy also provides ways to visualize Twitter users on map who mentioned you in their tweets and allows you to backup your following and followers in spreadsheet format.

In other words, Twitonomy is a powerful Twitter analytics tool that lets you analyze not only your’s, but any Twitter user’s account you want. The prominent features of Twitonomy includes detailed information and visual analytics on tweets, retweets, mentions, replies, hashtags, etc., insights on mentions and RTs, exporting tweets to excel spreadsheets, finding people who don’t follow you back or whom you don’t follow back, monitoring tweets, lists and keyword search, adding or removing people in batches, and lot more!

Twitonomy is currently in its beta phase of development, but its completely free. Let’s see what all it has in store to offer.

twitonomy interface

Get In-Depth Twitter Statistics with Twitonomy:

Twitonomy requires a sign-in with your Twitter credentials and authorizing the app to use your Twitter account. Once this is done, you will be taken to your Twitonomy account, which is divided into several tabs: Dashboard, Profile, Mentions & RTs, Search, Followers, Following, and Lists. Let’s have a brief look on each of these tabs.

  • Dashboard: The dashboard displays your Twitter timeline and allows you to view, quote, reply, retweet, or favorite any tweet, or even tweet whatever you want, to your Twitter stream. It lets you organize Twitter elements on the interface by drag and drop and allows you to monitor existing users, add new users, add a list, or use keyword or hash-tag search.twitonomy dashboard
  • Profile: Next is your Profile tab, where you find lot of information on your tweets, followers, followings, mentions, links, etc., and visually analyze your Twitter history, users or tweet statistics, and even download your last 800 tweets in Excel file.twitonomy profile
  • Mentions & RTs: This tab gives in-depth statistical and visual information on your mentions, including your overall mention count, most influenced users, retweets, etc.twitonomy mensions
  • Search: This tab allows you to search for users and tweets using hash-tag keywords. More search options are available for premium users only.twitonomy search
  • Followers: The Followers tab lets you search, filter, find, and get insights on followers whom you don’t follow back.
  • Following: This tab allows you to browse, search, filter, and get insights on followings who don’t follow you back.
  • Lists: This tab display lists you have created and get insights on or manage members under those lists.

Apart from that, Twitonomy lets you find influenced or inactive users on your Twitter account, visualize your mentions on Google Maps, and provide detailed information on any Twitter user.

twitonomy influenced users

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Key Features of Twitonomy:

  • Free web app to track and view in-depth Twitter information.
  • Provide statistical and visual analytics on tweets, retweets, mentions, links, following, and followers.
  • Allows you to visualize Twitter history and track people you don’t follow back, or those who don’t follow you back.
  • Provide options to tweet, retweet, quote, reply, or favorite any tweet.
  • Lets you find most influenced or inactive users.
  • Download Twitter followers and followings.
  • Download last 800 tweets in spreadsheet format.
  • Search using hash-tags and keywords.
  • More features available with premium account.

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The Final Verdict:

Twitonomy is a comprehensive and powerful data analytics tool that provides extensive information on Twitter and lets you backup your tweets, followers and followings list. It’s a one-stop shop to track all your Twitter data and get details on other Twitter users. Check it out now and share your view via comments.

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