Music Based Social Network To Find People With Same Music Taste as You

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Update 2022: This website no longer exists now. We recommend you to try some other alternative instead.

Serendip is a free online music sharing service where you can find new and interesting music that’s shared by other people who have the same taste in music that you have. This is a musical social network where you follow people based on the type of music that they like and then everything that they share, every song that they play is automatically added to your playlist.

Serendip is a very interesting concept indeed. If you love music, then it gives you a nice opportunity to friend with people who have same music taste as you. This will help you in discovering new music that you might like, and just get in touch with people with same taste in music.

Serendip default window

You need an account to use Serendip, but there’s an option for Twitter and Facebook login so you don’t have to go through the hassle of registering an account. After you have an account, you’ll have to go through the initial setup, last step of which can be seen on the screenshot above. First you need to select which artists you like the most, then you’ll get suggestions of existing Serendip users which have similar taste in music that you have. Select the ones you find the most interesting and click Follow.

Serendip playlist loaded playing

This free online music sharing service will automatically fill out your playlists with songs shared by people you’ve decided to follow. Main interface of the player where you can listen to the generated playlist can be seen on the image above. Songs that are shared come from various different sources, YouTube, Facebook and so on.

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Key features of Serendip – free online music sharing service are:

  • Web based – listen to music with you web browser without installing apps
  • Allows you to discover new music posted by people with same taste as you
  • Social networking – follow musical friends with same taste of music
  • Play music with playlists – songs automatically added from your friends
  • Plays songs from YouTube, Facebook, and other online sources
  • Offers special plalyists based on genre, rock, pop, etc or artist name
  • Search tool – find songs that you’re interested using a built-in search

Web browser isn’t the only place where you can enjoy Serendip. You also get an app for iOS devices which can be installed from the iTunes store. This allows you to enjoy songs on the go. Here’s a few pointers to help you get started.

How to find new music with Serendip – free online music sharing service

When you’re done with all the initial setup, and you’ve logged in to your account, songs from your playlists should start playing right away.

Serendip airing song

To find songs and add them manually to your playlist, you’re gonna have to use the search tool all the way at the top of homepage. Sharing songs is called “airing songs”. Every song that you “air” will also become available to people who follow you.

Serendip following users

Bottom right corner of the player has suggestions for additional people you might want to follow, based on the songs that you listen to. Click on the name there opens up the Follow user window where you can start following the selected user and see more info about its musical taste. As soon as you click Follow, songs “aired” by this user will by in your playlist.


Serendip makes it easy to find music that’s relevant to your taste. It combines a music player with social sharing of music. Register for free.

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