10 Free Facebook Music Apps

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Here are 10 free Facebook Music Apps that integrate your music in your Facebook profile. All these Facebook Apps add music in your Facebook profile, and give a real musical experience to you. Users can use these Apps and add music to their life through browsers.

Band Profile

Band Profile is a free Band Profile page for Musicians and Music Lovers. It is free, customizable, easy to manage and automatically synchronizeable music app for Facebook. The app is provided by ReverbNation. You can add Band Profile to your Facebook Profile.

Band Profile

Features of this Facebook Music App – Band Profile, include:

  • Posts unlimited songs for streaming and download
  • Add Bio and Band Photo
  • Organize shows and sell tickets for shows, online
  • Add music to play list and share it with friends
  • Grow your mailing list and team
  • Track your music
  • Works for any Musician

While adding Band Profile to your Facebook profile, it offers two options:

  • Setup New Profile: It allows you to create a new account on it with your band name and your band genre.
  • Login with existing ReverbNation account: If you have an ReverbNation account, then you can login with your ReverbNation user name and password
Band Profile Registration
Band Profile is a nice Facebook Music app for Musicians. It gives a real music enjoyment on anyone’s Facebook profile. You can try Band Profile free.

Music (iLike)

Music (iLike) is a free Facebook Music app for Facebook users. This Facebook Music app is powered by iLike, that provides music facility, so that users can add music to Facebook profiles. The app provides various information’s like: music concert alerts, musical chart, etc. You can easily embed music in your profile through Music.


Various features of this Facebook Music app include:

  • Add music tab to your Facebook profile
  • Provides Concert alerts
  • Discover new music online
  • Share free music
  • Create your own playlist
Music Options

The app provide 4 tabbed window screen, that include:

  • My Music: This gives the information about your music lists. You can also create a new playlist of songs and can search and add music to your profile.
  • Concerts: It gives the music concert alerts and provides updates for all music concerts. Users can also search and look for their friends and artist concerts. In fact, you can also search concerts through distance, nearby your location.
  • Charts: The chart shows the popular and most recently added songs.
  • Settings: It allows you to do settings for music in your profile.
Music is a marvelous Facebook Music app for Facebook users. You can try Music on Facebook.


Bandsintown is another free Facebook Music app. It is the best music app for music fans and artists. This Facebook application gives information about music concerts and live shows. It tracks all information about a music concert and accordingly shows the updates on your profile.


Users can get information about music and live concerts to their nearby location. In addition, you can add you favorite artist in it, and can track lives shows and music concerts of your artist.

This Facebook Music app also allows you to manage settings for various popular music sites, that include:

  • Last.fm
  • Pandora
  • Twitter
  • iTunes
You can directly access your account on the above listed websites – through your Facebook account. Bandsintown is a very nice Facebook Music app that gives all information about various music concerts and keeps you update with the musical world. You can try Bandsintown free.

YouTube Video Box

YouTube Video Box is one of the popular Facebook Music appfor Facebook users. It provides video songs for your profile. Users can add music and videos in their Facebook profiles– through YouTube Video Box. This free Facebook music appalso gives several options to search music videos from web. YouTube Video Box assists you to search videos from YouTube, directly from your Facebook profile.
YouTube Video Box

Facilities provided by this Facebook Music app – YouTube Video Box, include:

  • Search music on YouTube, from your Facebook profile
  • Gives various video categories to browse from
  • Shows most popular videos
  • Import videos from YouTube and add to Facebook profile, also add videos to favorite
  • Also allows to see friends favorite videos
YouTube Video Box is the best Facebook Music app, that gives a real entertainment taste to your simple Facebook profile. You can try YouTube Video Box music app free.

Profile Song

Profile Song is a free Facebook Music app. This Music app lets you to add songs/music to your Facebook profile. Profile Song also allows you to share your favorite songs with your friends.

Profile Song

Profile Song offers various features, that include:

  • Add music to Facebook profile
  • Provides large collection of music
  • Provides music suggestions
  • Upload and share music with friends
  • Allows you to give music suggestions
Profile Song Options

This Facebook Music app include 5 tabbed window, that include:

  • My channel: This tab allows you to search music from its vast music library.
  • Friends: It shows the friends favorite videos.
  • Live Feed: This gives live news feed for various music.
  • Chart: It gives various music and video options to choose from. It also shows recently added videos.
  • Send to Friend: This option allows you to share your favorite music videos with friends.
Profile Song is the best Facebook Music app to integrate with your Facebook profile. It adds music to Facebook profile and provides a real entertainment device for Facebook users. You can try Profile Song on Facebook, free.


 SoundCloud is another Facebook Music app for users. It is basically a player that allows users to put track of music from SounCloud.com directly on their Facebook profile. This Facebook Music app offers a complete crisp waveform of music with timed comments and allows users to add music on their profile.

SoundCloud can be integrated with Facebook profile in 2 ways

You can add SoudCloud to your profile in 2 ways, that include:
  • By adding SoundCloud tab to your artist page
  • Or, you can Pimp your profile with SoundCloud Dropbox tab
You can add SoundCloud on your Facebook profile.

Music (Burst Development)

Music (Burst Development) is a free Facebook Music app. This Facebook Music app assists users to add music in their profile. Music allows users to add music to Facebook profile either by uploading a song, providing a link or by searching music in its database.

Music App

Functionality provided by this Facebook Music app are:

  • Search music contents online
  • Upload your own music online
  • Share your music playlist with friends
  • Add new songs to your profile
  • View your friends music profile
Music provides the best features that gives a different experience to enjoy music on your Facebook profile. You can try Music (Burst Development) free.


LiveStream is another free Facebook Music app for music lovers. It is provides the simplest way to broadcast all live events online on the Internet and to Mobile devices. You can also create a new Facebook page for your event, and broadcast or launch your event on Facebook. LiveStream not only broadcast events, but it also helps to gain popularity of events over the web.


Users can create different Facebook page through LiveStream app, for:

  • Local place
  • Business or Organization
  • Brand or Product
  • Band and Artist
  • Entertainment
  • Community
Facebook Page
LiveStream is a best Facebook Music app for broadcasting your music events and concerts on Facebook. You can create different Facebook Page from it. So, go ahead and try LiveStream on Facebook.


YouTube is a Facebook Music app provided by YouTube. YouTube app allows you to search music videos on your Facebook account. It provides facility to add music and videos to Facebook profiles. Users can also view their friends videos and share their videos on their friends wall.


Features of YouTube Facebook Music app, include:

  • Search YouTube videos from your Facebook account
  • Share videos with friends
  • View friends music videos
  • Invite friends to see your music videos
You can try YouTube Facebook Music app, free.

Slide FunSpace

Slide FunSpace is an entertainment app, that provides music on Facebook profile. This Facebook Music app provides an entertainment platform for music lovers. FunSpace allows you to add music and videos to your Facebook profile. You can also view and share videos, photos and notes from your Facebook account.

Slide FunSpace

Features of Slide FunSpace include:

  • View and Share music videos on Facebook profile
  • View and share photos and notes on Facebook
  • Discover new music online, from Facebook
Slide FunSpace makes it easy to find videos on Facebook and share them online with Facebook friends.  You can add Slide FunSpace to your Facebook profile.

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