Google Programming Language: Dart

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Recently, Google launched its new programming language, Dart. Dart is a new structured programming language, based on classes. This new Google programming language comes as a replacement of JavaScript programming language. Google Dart supports web development and helps the developers to develop creative and attractive web pages.

Google Dart

Why Dart:

The basic reason to launch the new language “Google Dart”, is to replace the JavaScript from web development. This new language offers better performance and has the ability to support large scale web projects. This Google Programming Language is developed as a cloud based IDE environment, that offers cross compile option for developers. And can be compiled into ECMAScript 3 on the fly, that to is compatible with non-Dart browsers.

Google also unveiled the Dart language site that includes:

  • Open source tools
  • Program code samples
  • Tutorials
  • Libraries information, etc.

Here is a small program of Fibonacci series in Dart Language:

int fib (int n) {
   if (n<=1) return n;
   return fib (n-1) + fib (n-2);
main () {
    print (‘fib (20) = $ {fib (20)}’)

Features of Google programming language, Dart:

  • Open source
  • Class based
  • Optional types
  • Libraries
  • Tooling

Google Dart includes several design goals, these are :

  • It is a structured and flexible programming language for web development.
  • It is familiar and natural to developers and hence it is easy to learn
  • Dart comes with full range of devices on the web – including iPhone, Tablets, Laptops and Servers too.
  • It provides tools and can run faster on all modern browsers.

Here is a video tutorial that gives a brief introduction about the working of Google Dart language:

Google Dart is a new Google programming language that gives a new platform for developing web based components. It is very easy to learn for developers and includes modern class programming language. You can also download the Dart editor. Also you can check out more about Google Dart.
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