7 Free Facebook Role Playing Games

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Free Facebook role playing games have become a popular source of entertainment on Facebook. The best thing about Facebook Games is that they are Free. The craze for free Facebook games is evident when you see the number of followers on Facebook Pages of these games. Facebook has many free games in its kitty. In this post, we will be giving a summary on the most popular free Facebook games which are engulfing and addictive. Each Facebook game has a large fan following and is loaded with new gameplay. Entertaining and free of charge. Get your mouse’s ready for some action (or should I say Mice?) .

If you are wondering about the term Role Playing Game or RPG as it is popularly called, then you can check out Wikipedia, which has a simple and elaborate article on Role Playing Games.

Facebook Adventure World

By far the most popular of the Free Facebook Role Playing Games. This free Facebook game is the Hot Favourite among many gamers. Based on the gameplay of Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider, Facebook Adventure World is all about exploration and relic hunting with danger lurking right at your heels. This game is quite different from the other Facebook Role Playing games. The goal in Facebook Adventure World is to gather relics around the world, right from El Dorado to Egypt and Tibet which makes this free Facebook game a must play. If you play free Facebook games, then make sure you play Facebook Adventure World.

You can read more about Facebook Adventure World or try free Facebook Adventure World.

Facebook Mafia Wars

If you are looking for an alternate lifestyle then this free Facebook game is your best choice. Of all the free Facebook role playing games, Facebook Crime City and Facebook Mafia Wars are the ideal free Facebook games for you. I would personally recommend this free Facebook game to avid gamers as Facebook Mafia Wars ensures a lot of action and drama which has some time based missions and player versus player combats. Mafia Wars Facebook is a lot of fun. You could either become a hitman or a kingpin on Facebook Mafia Wars.

You can read more about Facebook Mafia Wars or try Facebook Mafia Wars Free.

Facebook Mafia Wars 2

Facebook Mafia Wars 2 is a postlude to the free Facebook role playing game Facebook Mafia Wars. Facebook Mafia wars 2 is a hell of a game when compared to its predecessor. Facebook Mafia Wars 2 is hot and happening as a result of the animation induced in the gameplay. It’s completely different from Facebook Mafia Wars. Facebook Mafia Wars 2 is a cross between a Video Game and a RPG wherein you can move the character while building your empire in the virtual world. Available in 16 different languages, it does provide some entertainment. Mafia Wars 2 demands regular gameplay where you start off with the construction of a casino and then you advance to different levels carrying out various jobs Tony and Zoe instruct you to. Facebook Mafia Wars 2 is worth a shot. You sure love it when you have crime infested, free Facebook role playing games at your disposal.

You can read more about Facebook Mafia Wars 2 here or try Facebook Mafia Wars 2 Free.

Facebook Pioneer Trail

Facebook Pioneer Trail

Another gem in the urn of Facebook Role Playing Game. Facebook Pioneer Trail  has got 6.6 million gamers hooked to it and the numbers are constantly increasing. You are one of the pioneers of the American Civilization in this free Facebook role playing game. You start of by building your homestead right from the roots and graduate to a big Fort Courage at the finish. You can choose to traverse any of the three territories provided by Facebook Pioneer Trail. And you need to make only three friends in Facebook Pioneer Trail which is a big relief as you don’t have to devote additional time in making Facebook Pioneer Trail Friends.

This game is at the absolute pinnacle of strategization where you can hamper your chances of progress if you don’t plan your moves in advance.

You can read more about Facebook Pioneer Trail here or try Facebook Pioneer Trail  Free.

Facebook Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online

Facebook Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online is  a sports based Facebook Role Playing Game. Though this free Facebook game isn’t exclusively for golf lovers but I personally found the game a bit too technical. And the game lacks numbers in its fan following which is a big waste for a good Facebook game. The game has all the elements of a video game and has complete details. But we are expecting a rise in numbers eventually as this game is a nice package for Golf Lovers or PGA lovers or Tiger Woods Lovers (not the scandalous ones). I shall pause with my blabbering, period.

You can read more about Facebook Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online here or try Facebook Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online Free.

Facebook Empires and Allies

A lovely game but needs updating for sure. A serious Facebook Role Playing Game, but a sea change has gone over from the time we posted about this free Facebook game. Facebook Empires and Allies requires you buoy from a devastating attack from an evil neighbour who has reduced your Empire to cinders and now you need to resurrect your Government, Infrastructure both Defense and Agriculture, develop the Market to be realised as a formidable force in the eyes of all the foes and mega villains who will torment you from time to time in the course of the game. All you have to do is endure them. You can become a Fearsome Invader or a worthy ally who keeps helping friends from time to time. You need to have a lot of friends in this game, otherwise you will miss out on extra resources in the game like free gifts or spend a lot of energy and time in developing weapons or harvesting your crops. Participate in various campaigns and missions during the game as they bring you bonus rewards. Overall, a nice pastime.

You can read more about Facebook Empires and Allies here or try Facebook Empires and Allies Free.

Facebook World Series Superstars

Facebook World Series Superstars

Strictly for Baseball lovers who would love to slug it out online. Facebook World Series Superstars is a brilliant execution of a role playing game on Facebook. Though the graphics are cool but the gameplay is not as dynamic as the games mentioned above. I would have loved it if the action was superfluous but it’s simply a niche game. A nice compilation of sports simulation is found in  all Facebook Role Playing Games where you are the team and the manager. The game demands a bit of brainstorming but if you know where to pitch your delivery, this free Facebook game is sure a lot of fun.

You can read more about Facebook World Series Superstars here or try Facebook World Series Superstars Free.

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