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Facebook Pioneer Trail, another diamond in the urn of free Facebook games has emerged as a Hot Favourite among the gamers. Facebook Pioneer Trail is a reincarnation of Facebook FrontierVille and the gameplay resembles The Oregon Trail and Facebook Farmville. Free Facebook Game apps have increased in number and popularity. Especially if it is a role-playing game on Facebook, you can vouch it to be a five-star game app. Zynga has launched successful games like Facebook Farmville, Facebook Mafia Wars, Facebook Empires and Allies which have become cult favourites and each have more than a million fans apiece. I sure love it when I get to lay my hands on any of the free Facebook games. Facebook Pioneer Trail is a clear winner.

How to play Facebook Pioneer Trail :

You have to be a pioneer of the American old west where you build a homestead in this free Facebook game and then you advance to become a great Samaritan. Your tread in the Facebook Pioneer Trail consists of clearing the land, cultivating its agricultural standards. Then bringing your life on track altogether by gathering food supplies, furnishing your homestead and tending to the livestock. You cultivate crops, replenish livestock and livestock supplies. Plant trees and perform a lot of other actions to gain experience, food supplies and other items to advance in the free Facebook game.

You can gain premium items if you purchase some Pioneer Trail points. But of course, it is an optional feature.

I have always been in love with this niche of free Facebook games, where you employ real life strategy to progress in the game. At I Love Free Software, we will try our best to unearth the free Facebook games which provide you unlimited entertainment.

Features of Facebook Pioneer Trail – free Facebook games:

  • Familiar Gameplay, in this class of free Facebook games viz. Facebook Farmville and The Oregon Trail which simplifies the gameplay for users as they are already accustomed to the plan of Action in Facebook Pioneer trail.
  • Popular Facebook Game, Due to the popularity of the Facebook Pioneer Trail, you can find a lot of neighbours for sure. So you can gain a lot of Facebook Game Gifts from the Facebook Pioneer Trail neighbours.
  • Simpler Strategies, unlike other free Facebook games, you don’t need to have millions of friends. You need to be connected to regular Facebook gamers, who play the game frequently. You don’t need to plan your strategies beforehand.
  • Lifelike simulation, Facebook Pioneer Trail is alarmingly real which employs common sense. Entertainment and education go together hand in hand in this class of free Facebook games.
  • Interactive gameplay, Facebook Pioneer Trail is highly interactive. The outcome of the game is dependent on your actions. Be extra careful for it may affect your progress in these free Facebook games.

Facebook Pioneer Trail Tips and Tricks :

Though we will be devoting a separate draft for Facebook Pioneer trail tips and tricks, here are a few starters :

  • Facebook Pioneer Trail does not depend upon the quantity of friends, but the quality of the friends matters. Your Pioneer Trail Friends should play the game frequently and quick to progress which could advance you faster in the game.
  • There is an absolute necessity of having Pioneer Trail buddies on your trail as it increases your rations by Five.
  • Remove the snake and bear from your property by hitting them. This will earn you with Pioneer Trail points and coins. On a free Facebook game, the game cash is actually very important.
  • Plant crops with longer cultivating time if you aren’t a frequent gamer or plan to be offline for a longer period.
  • Communicate with your trail buddies and employ a strategy for uncovering.
  • Try to collect as many Horseshoes on Facebook Pioneer Trail. They are very useful for purchasing rations from Trader Bart.

Facebook Pioneer Trail is a free Facebook game which is the Favourite among the Facebook gamers as of now. Play Facebook Pioneer Trail Free.

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