Sogo: Free Collaboration And Groupware Server For Linux

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Sogo is a free and open source groupware server which you can use to easily setup collaboration inside your company. It’s designed for the Linux platform, but once that the server is set up it can be accessed from any operating system and not only that, usage, synchronization, and collaboration is possible by using both free and paid office and email clients like for example Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird.

Sogo groupware server

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Image above is the screenshot of the Sogo web interface, for which you only need a web browser in order to access all the components that this free groupware and collaborative server has to offer. Like we already said, access to the Sogo server is also possible from other applications, and even operating systems. Once that you have main server setup, and it goes online, collaboration is possible from all over the world, where there is internet connection of course.

Key Features of this Free Groupware Server are:

  • Free and open source, no need for expansive license or software.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Office; Microsoft Exchange server alternative.
  • Create and share task calendars, address books, exchange mail, and more.
  • AJAX based web interface where you can access all the components.
  • Can be used with Thunderbird, Outlook, BlackBerry, iPhone, etc.

Sogo can be used to connect together and allow collaboration of various different people within the company, even if they are spread out across the world. It can connect your email gateways, databases, LDAP directories and all communication between all of these components. Here, are few tips to improve collaboration and communication in your team and/or company.

How to Get Started with Sogo Free Groupware Server?

The most important thing that you need to do in order to use Sogo would be setting up the backend, the part of the application that’s gonna be working in the background. This is a bit harder to do, source files of Sogo are available for download and installation. Next to them you can also use package for Red Hat, Debian and Ubuntu, installation with them is a lot more easier.

Sogo login window

Actual setup of Sogo takes a lot of work, and if you’re not familiar with groupware server setup, it’s best that you let this to support or take help from someone with more experience. When the setup is finished, you’re gonna be left with a local address that you can access with your web browser. There you’ll be greeted with the login window. Use the info that you created during setup.

Sogo adding tak to calender

Task management would be one of the most important parts of any collaborative group. Click Calender in the left sidebar to access it and there you can add various task for the team that you’re managing. Email notification is possible directly from interface.


The same web interface of Sogo that you can see in the image above can be accessed from all the devices that we mentioned before. It’s very fast, the only drawback would be setup, but considering what you get, it’s worth trying out this software. Try it absolutely free.

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Works With: Linux
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