Simple Groupware: Free Groupware and CMS for Enterprise

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Simple Groupware is a free and open source groupware that provides useful software for all enterprise needs. The Simple Groupware application includes many applications and programs like email, calendar, contacts management, task manager, project management, synchronization with Outlook and cell phones, full-text search, and many other tools that you may want for your desktop.

The application Simple Groupware  is a free web based groupware package written in PHP. The application is quite effective and uses sgsML language for the presentation, displaying, sorting, filtering, and linking the various components of the application in the groupware. The web based application is designed in such a way that it combines standards like RSS, iCalendar, vCard, IMAP, POP3, SMTP, CIFS, CSV, WebDAV, LDAP and SyncML under one platform. If you are looking for free software to download for your new computer then you can read our article on a suggested list of software to have in a new computer.

Simple Groupware

Some of the important features of the Simple Groupware:

  • With this free web based application you get one platform for managing, controlling and developing business processes
  • It gives you independence as Simple Groupware is fully driven with open technologies and advanced features which free you from various other external programs
  • The hierarchical organization structures and responsibilities represent and manage the application in such a way that you can recognize the application individually and than its easy to use them
  • The application offers intelligent knowledge management. You can search anything in the groupware package e.g. find everything faster using phonetic full text search algorithms and automatic file / content indexing

The application Simple Groupware is complete set of software that can be added to any folder in tree like structure. Thus you can have as many calendar as possible in one folder. Also, assign permission to different users to read, write and admin the access. Every user can create their own folder structure. By assigning individual rights, you can share any information among all users and groups.

The application also offers you to sync your contacts, calendar, tasks, notes and appointments with your mobile phones and androids. You can use the in built SyncML clients on Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Outlook, Palm, iPod, iPhone, Gmail, Yahoo, Lotus Domino, Evolution, and Thunderbird or synchronize using free JavaME client.

The application Simple Groupware allows you to personalize your groupware and add user authentication for further use and sharing the applications. You can add personalized touch to each folder you create for separate user and allow them read, write and admin rights to the folder separately. Every user can create his own folder structure and customize them to overview the pages. Integrate own RSS feeds and merge other (public) folders with his personal folders.

The customization process with this freeware is very easy. If you are individual using this application than you can customize your folder more easily and smartly. The application customizes your folder without overwriting files and changes are persistent over updates. You can also customize looks of the interface by changing themes and skin of the freeware. New Modules can be easily created using sgsML and Custom PHP functions can be used directly to display content.

Overall Simple Groupware is a useful software which has a complete bundle of software that you usually require for your system. Easy to use and customize.

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Works With: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
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