5 Password Generator Software For Windows 10

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Here’s a list of 5 password generator software for Windows 10. Online accounts can be safe only as long as you use safe passwords. A safe password is a password that’s long and has lots of weird characters. We have all read this when registering on websites. Sadly most of the time we can’t be bothered to think up more complex passwords. That’s where password generators can help out. They will create safe passwords for you, for both new online accounts and for existing ones, so you swap out the unsafe passwords that you’re probably currently using.

Quicky Password Generator

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Quicky Password Generator is a small portable password generator software which can be used to generate very powerful passwords, multiple passwords at once actually.

“Number of passwords to generate” counter on the right lets you setup how many passwords are going to be created. The one underneath it configures their length. Passwords can contain alphanumeric characters, uppercase/lowercase mix and also special characters for extra security.

Get Quicky Password Generator.

Random Password Generator

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Random Password Generator requires installation, but if you ask me the installation because next to a random password generator, you also get a password manager.

Password manager lets you save and password protect generated passwords. Password length is customizable, so are its strength, lowercase/uppercase, letters, numbers, special characters, etc. Multiple passwords can also be generated at once, for several online accounts.

Get Random Password Generator.

Also, have a look at File Encryption Software With Password Generator and Hash Calculator.

Infinite Password Generator

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Infinite Password Generator also has a built-in password manager. That’s what the list in the right sidebar is. Because this is also a password manager, an access password has to be setup when running the application for the first time.

Available password settings allow you to mix between uppercase/lowercase, numbers and special symbols. The “Result” field is where the created password is displayed. Click on the plus icon underneath the list saves the currently generated password for safekeeping. Password is only generated when the “Keyword” field is entered.

Get Infinite Password Generator.


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PWGen takes it to the max when it comes to random password generator software. It lets you create super secure passwords using combinations of alphanumeric symbols, special characters, patterns and more.

Interesting feature that I came across are phonetic passwords, which are passwords that are secure but sound like actual words. Batch password generation is possible and more.

Get PWGen.

Also, have a look at PassGenOrganizer: Free Password Generator Software.

Password Generator

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If you feel like some of the password generator software that I covered here takes it to far and has too many options to tweak you’ll like Password Generator.

Password Generator is portable and very simple. One click is all you need to generate a single password that’s 10 characters long and is a mix of alphanumeric symbols. There are no settings to tweak, so there’s no reason to scratch your head. Just click and you get a password.

Get Password Generator.


PWGen is very advanced and I recommend that you try it first if you need something a bit extra when creating passwords. Do checkout the phonetic password generator tool that I mentioned. It’s only drawback that there’s no password manager included, like there is with Random Password Generator. It also lacks the simplicity of Password Generator. Give them all a spin and let me know what you think in comments down below.

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