File Encryption Software With Password Generator and Hash Calculator

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PowerCryptor Free Edition is a handy file encryption software that is helpful to encrypt multiple files and folders. Apart from this main feature, it lets you generate strong passwords and calculate hashes of files to check files integrity. Thus it is a multipurpose software available free of cost. But this free version provides only a single encryption algorithm (RC2) to encrypt files. You can add many files and folders together to encrypt them, like visible in screenshot below. Password protection is also available to encrypt items. If you want, you can also save all items for later use.

PowerCryptor Free Edition- file encryption software

Note: As this free version is limited to a single encryption algorithm, Pro version provides multiple encryption algorithms to protect your files. You can also create zip archive or exe file of added items with paid version. To avail more benefits, you can upgrade with paid version, or else can use this free edition with all available version. We have also covered some file encryption software that supports multiple algorithms.

Key Features Present In This Free File Encryption Software:

  • A useful file encryption software that can encrypt files and folders together. Password protection is available to encrypt files.
  • You can change password of encrypted files, whenever needed. Thus, if someone somehow comes to know about your encrypted items password, you can change it.
  • You can also use hash generator and password generator feature that comes with this file encryption software.
  • It automatically integrates with Windows explorer. Thus, you will be able to encrypt/decrypt or can calculate file checksum just by right-clicking on that file, and accessing PowerCryptor Free option.

    integrates with Windows explorer

  • It is 11.4 MB in size and very easy to use.

How To Encrypt Multiple Files and Folders With PowerCryptor?

Download and Install this useful software to your PC. Use the download link placed at the end of this review. For installation process, you can select Typical (auto installs default features) or Custom installation. Using custom installation, you can exclude components that you don’t want to install. However, all these components are useful so you can install all of them.

select components to install with PowerCryptor Free Edition

Now you can run this file encryption software using the desktop icon.

Its interface is user-friendly where you can drag n drop files & folders or can use Add Files/Add Folders button to add items. After this, you need to tap on Encrypt button. This will open a new window where you can set password for encryption. This window is also useful to select destination directory for output files. As I mentioned earlier, only a single encryption algorithm is available to encrypt files with this free version. You can start the encryption process with Encrypt button. Files will be encrypted and stored to destination location.

select destination location and encrypt files

After encrypting the files, do not forget to delete the original files. To get back original files from encrypted files, just add files on its interface, and use Decrypt option.

Other Interesting Components Available In PowerCryptor Free Edition:

You can use Tools option available on top part of this file encryption software to access other components that comes with this free version.

  • Password Generator: Based on the lower case letters, upper case letters, special characters, numbers, and space, you will be able to generate strong passwords. Password length can be selected from 5 to 100 characters.

password generator

  • Text Encrypt: If you want to encrypt a text file or any custom text, then you can use this simple but useful tool.
  • File Checksum: It is a very handy tool that lets you generate hash value of any file and also lets you compare hashes to verify the checksum. You will be able to calculate MD5 hash, SHA family hash, and HAVAL hash. After generating hash value of a file, you can copy the hash to clipboard. After that you can generate hash value of another file and can verify both hash values. If checksum is matched, files are identical, otherwise not.

calculate file checksum


PowerCryptor Free Edition is really a useful software that provides multiple utilities. The only disappointing part is that one single encryption algorithm is available to encrypt files. But you should try it if all these utilities are of your need.

Get PowerCryptor Free Edition.

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