SpywareBlaster: Free Antispyware to Remove Spyware

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SpywareBlaster is a free antispyware software that protects your PC by preventing the intrusion of spyware, adware, and dialers downloaded from the internet. It is used to protect your PC from malware that automatically enter the system.  The Multi-Angle Protection blocks ActiveX spyware, malicious programs, spying/tracking cookies, and protect PC  from malicious websites. The No-Nonsense Security works with other security programs like free antivirus to keep your system secure. SpywareBlaster cannot be seen in the task manager and does not take up the CPU memory.

Here are some of the Features of this Free SpywareBlaster software:


  • SpywareBlaster is a free antispyware software that prevents and protect your computer from unwanted spyware
  • SpywareBlaster does not interrupts the internet surfing speed
  • SpywareBlaster software does not interrupt with websites that contains no malicious programs downloads
  • SpywareBlaster does not interrupt with the computer system so that it runs slower
  • SpywareBlaster does not takes up any CPU memory
  • This anti spyware can work alongside with any programs on your computer
  • This anti spyware software can be used as a substitute security program
  • This anti spyware software is compliant with other security and privacy tools
  • This antispyware software has a user friendly interface
  • SpywareBlaster software automatically check and install updates
  • You can launch the program by pressing the Enable All Protection
  • The multi-layered strategy prevent the intrusion of malicious softwares from different angles
  • SpywareBlaster is a free antispyware software that is compatible with several web browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape, Seamonkey, Flock, K-Meleon, AOL web browser, Avant browser, Slim browser, Macthon, Crazy browser and Green browser.
  • SpywareBlaster can protect your computer from spyware even though your browser is not mentioned in the list above.

SpyBlaster is a free antispyware software. It is made available to everyone for personal and educational use. Make sure your system has a good free antivirus, and a free Firewall as well.

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Works With: Windows
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